12.26.2020 Are we only United in Common Cause over Death and Dying?

This was an e-mail I sent to PushBlack and many friends and family. It is published in its entirety as an invitation to open a worldwide conversation. It is a conversation that can only happen if anyone chooses to respond, clap 👏 and or reply.

Update from Vernon Nickerson: Why are some people are being given death sentences without being convicted of a crime? And one dozen other but related questions I am asking on the first day of Kwanzaa- UJOMA

Good Ujoma morning 🌄, PushBlack:


2.) Is there any way that lawyers from large and profitable firms could be socially- pressured to represent these fellow Americans as a class action lawsuit against their States' Attorney Generals?

3.) Could the SCOTUS intervene?

4.) Could the POTUS intervene?

5.) Could the US CONGRESS intervene?

6.) I desperately do not want to acknowledge this, but HAS AMERICA "BECOME"COMMUNIST RUSSIA , CHINA, AND NORTH KOREA WHEN IT COMES TO GENOCIDE?

7.) How can we disincentivize this/these behavior (/s)?

8.) If POTUS45 can pardon convicted murders and thieves who are exclusively white in skin color, can he also pardon these prisoners without white skin (except possibly the bottoms of their feet) especially since many of them have not been given due process needed to take them out of harm's way?

9.) America and most governments around the world have historically been cruel to incarcerated prisoners, so is cruelty embedded in our DNA , thus suggesting it is necessary to destroy the planet to prevent the virus of cruelty once and for all?

10.) What is the logical consequence for a nation and our planet for being willfully cruel?

11.) The most recent news story a 12.26.2020 Google search has brought up on this topic is dated 12.9.2020. There was an ABC television affiliate station report and a North Carolina local newspaper report. Does this suggest that Americans are no longer interested in reading about these crimes and taking action to stop the genocide?

12.) How many self-proclaimed/ self-anointed people of multiple religious groups want this genocide to continue or speed up to hasten a much-reported " apocalypse " and or "second-coming of Jesus Christ"?

13.) 12.26.2020 Are we only United in Common Cause over Death and Dying?

In these cynical and dollar-driven times, I realize the plight of prisoners is not sexy clickbait, BUT THESE ARE SENTIENT HUMAN BEINGS and it is likely many are innocent of any crime.


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