20 Questions About Covid 19 and Current Events

1.)Whatever happened to the phrase:
We choose to err in an abundance of caution?
2.) Why don't all Texans' lives matter, Greg Abbott?
3.) Haven't Floridians buried enough of their deceased family members due to Covid19, Governor De Santis?
4.) Are white folks so angry that they would destroy the USA rather than share its abundance of natural and human resources?
5.) If your most significant achievement in the 2019-2020 LAUSD school year was feeding hungry Angelinos, wouldn't you resign as Superintendent before the 2020-2021 school year began?
6.) Who profits most when millions of people are guaranteed to be sick and or dying of a disease that requires ICU at some point?
7.) Where is all the money tithed by the faithful who need affordable housing, living wages, thorough and efficient public schools, and food to feed their families in the USA?
8.) Why isn't COVID a global public health crisis with an international public health response?
9.) Whatever happened to Universal Precautions?
10.) Why are men okay with deciding always to tell women they can and can not do with their bodies?
11.) How come Critical Race Theory, voter suppression laws, and abortion were the first things the GOP decided to tackle after they lost the White House?
12.) Why did the USA pay the Chinese to develop gain of function capabilities for the Novel Coronavirus in a Wuhan China laboratory? ( - according to Katherine Eban in Vanity Fair)
13.) Whatever happened to the color codes for the COVID-19 emergency declarations?
14.) Did anyone plan for what happens when the staff responsible for treating our sewage are suddenly sick with covid 19?
15.) Why was the 2018 Map of Uninsured Ages 65 and Younger not used to identify states at most risk for lack of medical infrastructure to prevent COVID -19 Outbreaks? Texas and Florida are the least insured numbers of 65 and younger.
16.) Why is it okay to send children who cannot be vaccinated aged 11 and younger into schools where adults may or may not be vaccinated?
17.) In a world where vaccinations and wearing masks and maintaining social distancing are all optional, can we ever overcome COVID-19 or stop its mutations?
18.) Why does the nation allow FOX NEWS staff to be fully vaccinated but convince their audience not to be vaccinated and not wear masks?
19.) Why have few religious denominational leaders called for moral and ethical leadership?
20.) Why are the leaders of the Reparative Therapy movement being feted for years of growing wealthy from the pain and suffering of LGBTQIA+ people and suddenly deciding what they did was wrong after they have become financially secure?

Bonus Round
21.) Since the medical community profits whether people take care of their health and hygiene or not, is it a surprise that they are advocating for all the different COVID-19 theories?
22.) Why don't they acknowledge that people can never trust them as implicitly as they may have before COVID?
23.) Why are people working so hard to convince the world of a "COVID 19 hoax" with 600,000+ dead COVID 19 victims?

N.B.: Questions, so many questions. Somewhere there are answers I must find.

Please leave text responses on Medium. Thanks for your time and attention.

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Vernon Nickerson


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