50,000 Poor, Unfortunate Souls and Mr. TRAVIS SCOTT

Fifty-thousand people gathered at Astroworld in Houston, Texas. Live Nation was the promoter. Reknowned performing artist Travis Scott was a commanding presence on the stage. Eight people died as a direct consequence of attending the Travis Scott concert.

The party never stopped as people were becoming ill and dying at the concert. Medical personnel and concert goers have observed that On-site Emergency medical resources were insufficient. Other audience reported people stepping on many people who had fallen or collapsed during the event. One of the Security officers on site was injected with a drug that incapcitated him by someone yet unknown and required anti-opioid medication
[Naloxone is a safe medication that is widely used by emergency medical personnel and other first responders to prevent opioid overdose deaths.Jun 2, 2021]
to stop a potentially deadly intoxication of addictive opioids.

Some relevant context to this event:

Texas is also known as:
A red, GOP/Log Cabin Republican State and as a viral infection epicenter for Novel Coronavirus. Based upon what we know about the novel coronavirus of 2019, it is easily passed from human to human who are asymptomatic when they do not wear masks covering their noses and mouths, eschew social distancing of 6 feet or 3 feet (at a minimum), and do not frequently wash their hands frequently with soap and water.

The current Texas governor is known for suing and winning a multimillion dollar judgement because when he went running down a tree-lined street after a severe thunderstorm, a tree whose root system had been loosened from the weather event fell on attorney Gregg Abbott and left him paralyzed for life. He has also successfully promoted a legislative agenda including:
1.)Anti- covid-19 vaccination, anti-maskwearing, and anti- social distancing in public spaces like Astroworld.
2.) New voter supression laws. The redistricting maps have eliminated minority- majority voting districts. White voters are now a majority in every voting district in Texas, even though white voters are a minority of the total population of Texas.
3.) Anti-abortion law that has banned medically-supervised abortions under any cirumstances, including when the pregnancy is due to rape or may endanger the life of the mother. The new law may be impossible to ever repeal
4.) Anti-Critical Race Theory legislation for public pre-K to 12th grade and higher education. The new law is specific the in books, articles of the US Constitution, and other specific history milestones that historically been taught in classrooms, even though none of the banned items has ever been Critical Race Theory. CRT has notably never been taught in any public school district because the skills needed to understand CRT and use it to evaluate racism in history overtime are simply not part of the CCC- Common Core Curriculum adopted as a nationwide standard in 2010

I have shared all of this detail because it goes to my conclusion that Texas had exactly the sordid social contracts with its citizens to support a massive gathering where untold numbers become critically ill and 8 people could die while Travis Scott continued to perform when he could have stopped the performance while the injured were treated onsight and evacuated safely from the concert venue.

Is this the new standard for performing artists creating epic moments for massive public group gatherings and totally ignoring anyone in the crowd while many became ill for any reason and people died in the middle of the party? Travis Scott headlined this party and was primarily "managing" the behavior of the party-goers. Do the State of Texas and the City of Houston bear any liability/ share liability when both have been public and explicit about the high risk public health infrastructure that made Astroworld the perfect venue for illness and death at a concert that was intentionally chaotic by design of Travis Scott and Live Nation? OR, doesn't the human-hostile environment extant in Texas move 100 percent of the liabilty on Travis Scott and Live Nation for using that environment for entertainment and their wealth-building profits?

The creator and the promoters chose a venue conducive to creative chaos that they had successfully(?) managed at previous music festivals. Money and massive profits were made with premeditation and malice aforethought ( i.e., Travis Scott at previous Astroworld concerts encouraged an "organized(?)" chaos) in a place that supported exactly what chaos happened by the artist's design. Additional millions will pay millions to watch the concert footage as soon as its creators and owners of the videotape feel like the tragedy has faded from collective memory. A Halloween release date will give maximum penetration among a target audience craving blood and gore, a mystery, and crime scene all-in-one. Some local news affiliate might even make a "Where Are They Now?" feature about the families of the 8 people who died attending a concert.

Yes, USA, USA, think about these things when you plan your next audience participation in large public gatherings in our post-2020 pandemic realities. Apparently, freedom in the USA now means the right to die surrounded by a cast of thousands of people who cared more about having fun while people were stricken and some died. At some point do we need slasher fantasy films when reality is so much more viscerally graphically horrifying?

One final note. It is well established in our brief history with COVID-19 that its dormant incubation period is 14 days. This tragic incident may only repeat itself if their is an outbreak of Covid-19 among concertgoers after they have resumed their daily routines just as the USA and the world go home for the holidays. My thoughts and prayers are focused on zero-covid infection in Houston, TX and the rest of the USA during the week of November 22, 2021. Miracles (unexpected good stuff happening for no known reason(s)) still happen minute by minute and day by day.


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