Born to become the first Nuclear Warrior
(Where Our Hero Writes His Combo Flag Day, Father's Day, and Pride Month Summative Life Assessment)

Happy Flag Day!🇺🇸

Happy Father’s Day!🖖🏾✌

Happy Pride Month🌈

USAF Colonel Paul Tibbets died in 2007 at age 92. He believed in the righteousness of his cause. Part of his lived experience required maintaining a belief in his supremacy and superiority over a hated enemy.

The vaporization, incineration, and slow and painful agony of radiation poisoning was, for Colonel Tibbets, necessary collateral damage for all who have ever died as a direct result of his efforts…

Time wounds all heels and heals some wounds, sometimes
What goes around comes around/people make the world go round
The world is a circle without…

Obscene Law School Shenanigans On Multiple Levels in June 2021

My Spidey senses are a-twittering🙂😉 as follows:
Law Schools Scramble for Deferrals

Predominately white wealthy and elite law schools are paying admitted students a minimum of $30,000 to take a Gap year and defer their admission. Students, smart and highly motivated who had more time to study during lockdown did better than ever(!?!?) on a modified 100% online LSAT.

THIS all occurs in an environment where we already know the 1%ers pay people to take and pass standardized tests for them. ( Varsity Blues sting) So it is reasonable…

Recent Legislation Attempting to deny voting rights to persons with different abilities

Now close your eyes and imagine that I am white.

We assess, diagnose, label some human beings as disabled, profoundly disabled, unresponsive, and or medically fragile. Each of the actions we, the powerful, articulate and controlling Survival-of-the-Fittest acolytes take speaks more to our incomplete knowledge, fears, guilt, and shame than it reveals how much we just do not know about the disabled. We do not fully understand autism, for example. Yes, we know orders of magnitude more in 2021 than we knew in 1959, when I first showed…


The Air Force veteran was serving a five-year sentence for sharing a report about Russian hacking attempts targeted U.S. voter information.

To hear the incarcerated felon's jailers tell it, she/ her is being released roughly three years into a 5-year sentence for "exemplary behavior," and she filed charges against someone for allegedly touching her inappropriately. I wish pink-skinned folks with money would be more honest. She had a good experienced attorney who got her off and is going forward to clear her name. Did I mention POTUS45 advocated that she be released while he…

We're makin' whoopee!

Reading this article on a Sunday...

"Still, it is hard to say with confidence where the Biden administration falls right now. After stories reporting that the DOJ says it will “vigorously” defend—Western Baptist College’s language—the religious exemption, and that it shares an “ultimate objective”—the Ninth Circuit’s language—with the groups defending the religious exemption, it appears it may be wavering. What feels safe to bet on, however, is a fight. Just as the Biden administration has fallen back on campaign promises to protect the rights of refugees, to end private prisons and address abuses at ICE detention centers

Mr. Jeffrey Toobin, Esq. would have us believe he understands the power of telling his truth. FREAKY FRIDAY FEROCIOUS FUN! 4U

I simply resent having to watch or listen to him as he gets his revenge pornography porn fix. And he still shows no willingness to master acceptance of logical consequences. Giving him a CNN platform is the ultimate in narcissistic sociopathic desire: Toobin has been rewarded literally for being a penis by showing him pleasuring himself before an audience that was horrified and titillated.

Note so far the apparent "no comment" that speaks volumes of Mr. Lemon and Mr…

I am my Own Private Dancer in 2021

I am my Own Private Dancer

I speak in a discernable code

I resonate with George Michael's One More Try

I am my Own Private Dancer,

so just for today,

I'll Give it One More Try

I am my Own Private Dancer

So just for today

I refuse to let the sun go

Down on me

At least not before

I celebrate the rain

The rain never stopped

Wow! The show didn't stop

Not for one bat;

Not for 12 monkeys, let alone

That proverbial 1 Monkey

And God only knows


A Brief Open Letter in Reply to Jonathan Poletti’s Sunday story(?)

“Christianity has been officially a theocratic religion since the 4th century. I realize you hate your MAGA fellow citizens…

Analogous Reasoning for 2021 and Beyond

First, let us define our terms. Analytical reasoning or argument by analogy can be defined as a specific way of thinking, based on the idea that because two or more things are similar in some respects, they are probably also similar in some further respect.

Doctorate in the philosophy of education with a specialization in Exceptional Education

A dissertation of epic proportions at the intersection of students, their families (of origin and choice-or-, circumstance), and the teachers who serve them over time.

OUR ABSTRACT ( notes on abstracts)

We know the best learning environments…

Vernon Nickerson

I want to teach the world to sing in perfect and imperfect harmonies. Also I am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving.

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