A Global Pandemic Demands Global Responses in Everyones' Best Interests


What can we all agree is true(?):

1.) Novel Coronaviruses apparently are spread via Asymptomatic Airborne Transmission

2.) Humans and animals die if they cannot breathe.

3.) Some segment of the human population can die from current vaccines. These people cannot be vaccinated unless they also wish to suffocate.

4.) Some segment of the population simply does not wish to be vaccinated.

5.) Some segment of the population is fully vaccinated and has not died from COVID.

6.) High-Quality Healthcare ( H-QH) is a basic human right and should always be free and available to all humans across their lifespans.

7.) All Essential and Basic Human Rights should always be free and available to all humans across their lifespans.

8.) H-QH can and must support an array of options to prevent AAT. OTHERWISE, a deadly virus designed to constantly adapt to humans attempts to eradicate it will ultimately destroy all human life. This is the main reason an array of options is the only sustainable solution.

9.) Forced choice has been rejected for generations throughout human history. We all know this. Why do we never all begin our speechmaking by acknowledging this as a start to such conversations?

10.)Truth and (then and only then) Reconciliation is the way forward together. We can no longer afford even one step backwards.

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