???"The Republicans won't agree TO ALLOW US to restore the filibuster*

- Sen. Tammy Duckworth

*[[to pass Vote For The People Act and fund the remaining 9 trillion Build Back Better and confirm the Muslim SBA nominee!!!]]

Well, that should make it clear that the LOG CABIN REPUBLICAN GOP Party has every intention to suffocate the representative democracy that the diverse majority wants. A wealthy, angry, and vocal minority of mostly white folks (WVW) want fascist dictatorship and anarchy. Since the (WVW) have a raging craving for attention, is it possible for a 60-day silent boycott of all monoculture-centric white people? Basically, no media coverage, no entertainment dollars spent on, No Attention Paid (NAP) to all the known or suspected Caucasians and those complicit with their fascist end-goals. Putting it another way, if you don't own it, don't patronize it -- for the next 60 days. The purpose is to extinguish "their" negative behaviors. It will also reveal the level of their addiction to attention of any kind by withdrawing all attention.

If we start 12-13-2021, the US CONGRESS, will not be able to enact any legislation. Business, and essential services, without the worker bees talking to any of their minority white overseers, would continue to function. I suspect in some cases, they would run more efficiently.

It is necessary for the diverse majority in the USA to prove to ourselves that we no longer need to waste time and precious energy engaging people who have never had anyones best interest at heart-- except their own. It is actually 24 months past- time, so let's just get started today.

II. Guidelines for Sixty days of Silencing the WVW:

1.) Civil conversation okay among visibly diverse groups of BIPOC

2.) Arguments, sarcasm, disrespect, demonizing, gaslighting, teasing, bullying, scapegoating are not allowed.

3.) When any of these are perceived, the conversation ends.

4.) Buying is okay, but only from non-white salespeople of all white-owned businesses

5.) Schools- no dialogue with white staff for any reason

6.) No engagement with unmasked, and or unvaccinated.

7.) Lying about anything regarding COVID to seek attention needs to be a felony.

What you will likely see:

Initial escalation. Like a crying baby, they will eventually have to be quiet to sleep. If we see COVID rates of contraction and hospitalizations and death decrease, extend the silence for another 60 days.

Let the dead bury their dead; let the fascists talk amongst themselves about their mess, but not to us about anything. For 60 days.


At the 30 day mark, most of us will feel some relief. Why have we been talking unproductively with people who will not be comforted, (i.e., the truly evil)? Haven't we heard enough foul language at high pitch and high volume? Isn't it time to stop engaging with people unwilling to collaborate with us? Let's face it USA-- they won't give it a rest, we are overdue for respite, so let's take a rest from them.

IV. SPECIAL NOTES regarding entertainment:

1.) Stars under contract to white-controlled corporations get the silent treatment boycott.

2.) Majority-Minority businesses, podcast hosts, fine and performing artists are okay to patronize and engage with.

3.) Violators' logical consequence? To be added to the list of those complicit with fascist anarchists.

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021. All Rights Reserved.


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