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She said
Congrats on your work anniversary!

How are things going!?

He said:

Hi Paula! These days and times, I am always thrilled to hear from everyone that is a positive experience from my past. I seem to be constantly grieving, comforting, or listening to real-life that I wish was an interesting sci-fi movie that had just come out. How about you?

He said:
Here’s a brief chronology ( I’m Journaling, editing, and sometimes publishing nuggets on Medium.com)

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Vernon, it’s all too surreal!

I do virtual workdays with Terra often at her house in LA. She asked about you!

You are doing all the right things, might I say!

I seeded a garden for the first time 🤗

Peppers, radish, cilantro, basil, thyme

He said:
5.13.20: Move in 40044-1452. 5.14.20: Awakened at 4:00 am by ugly red, itchy, and swelling biting blood sucking dust mites and jumping cockroaches in toilet; landlord had not mentioned an infestation that 6 of my new neighbors also had. ( Ongoing to present)

May-June: After 2 10- hour fumigations by her "pest control professional, Gary ( no last name) , there has been a slight increase(?!?!!#$$%) in infestation. Multiple trips to Kaiser Gardena for corticosteroids and antihistamines. Tense bullying phone conversation with landlord, who accuses me of "planting" bugs and demands to meet with my PCP. Landlord is former housing attorney for LAHSA; CA Bar since 1986.

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He said:
Great picture, congratulations! I bought a fresh basil plant at Sprouts. Cockroaches hate the smell, so it keeps them out of bathroom. I also put it in ridges of refrigerator- roach-freeway due to their warmth to keep cold in...who knew. If you have more than you can use, my PO BOX IS: PO BOX 1201 Santa Monica, CA 90406-1201.

July: I am busy preparing to teach a brand new cohort of medically fragile differently-abled students 100% online. My Principal has green-lighted a new curriculum I'm developing in Rhythm and Vocal Performance. My days are filled with music, writing and choral directing rehearsals with my soprano-alto-tenor- bass/baritone vocal range. Thankfully my neighbors love my music ( classical- American gospel/ sacred) and jazz. Country and Western is year two.

August: Board of Health complaint, filed, no reply except to say landlord has to correct by 9.15.2020. When I questioned time allowed, they emailed me back saying these things take time and they feel her response so far is appropriate. ALSO, filed to do mediation to recover $ 9,000 in rent and storage expenses ( not bringing books and furniture into this madness) as well as contracting with Terminix. Terminix does 1 3- hour treatment and 1 follow up...roaches significantly abated. I purchase a Hoover steam cleaner and use water and warm vinegar for mites. Rinse water for two applications is pitch black.

Meanwhile, animus from the 2 stereotypical Caucasian Karen's who co- direct my now- former LAUSD District Intern Program ( my original license is from MINNESOTA; no reciprocity with CA) lead to Program Instructor falsely accusing me of leaving last 15 minutes of 4 hour mandated ZOOM class- Internet glitches bounced me out of meeting). Faced with reality that if DISTRICT INTERN PROGRAM terminates me for any reason I would not be able to work in education anywhere for some number of years, I resign 8.7.2020.😢😥😭😱😡

9.21.2020: Lily.Sofiani@sen.ca.gov from State Senator HOLLY MITCHELL'S office informs me she is advocating for several ex- LAUSD staff in my SAME SITUATION ( I am in shock, who knew?!?!). They have also been "banned" from receiving UI and health insurance ( Medi-Cal) because LAUSD has claimed I did not work this summer.

9.25.20- I make a direct appeal to LAUSD Secretariat@lausd.net, Superintendent Austin Beutner's office to ask that they correct their error. Gloria Galvan mediator at DCBA.LACOUNTY.GOV says landlord will only agree to telephone mediation and has stipulated that neither she nor her attorney want to speak to me during mediation. Her tone is very defensive ( mediator).

9.28.20 : I write to reassure her that phone mediation on their terms is acceptable but question why it has taken all this time.

I shall share and send for sure! I was going to ask for your address. 😂

She said

Lol!!! 🤣

The saga is too real!!

Vernon this is a soap opera geese!

Licensed in from Minnesota, I mean is Tyler Perry the puppeteer!?!?

He said:
Thanks so much My! My position: Lease was violated by landlord the day it was signed. At this point, I need monies I have paid refunded and either she rips out carpet and puts in laminate, or I have to find another place-- after I cast my 2020 vote, of course.

Just when you might have thought the saga was on hiatus...

Ron Holloway, the building manager texted me late Friday night to let me know landlord was having him install outdoor surveillance system. Laurel / Weldena Lightner ( yes, she uses 2 names: Laurel on lease, which specifies rent checks payable to Weldena). Tragically and ironically, the only reason I am here is that Carl Beaird/ Baird(?sp?) the Deaf-and-hard-of- hearing teacher at Lanterman CPTC, connected me with his sister Laurel Lightner who had this place available. And I only saw it in the daylight. So glad you are laughing, too! God has blessed me with a new talent for stand-up...with more than enough topical material!😅🤣😂😆😛😜

I wish Tyler Perry was attached! Do you or Tia know anyone who could connect me to his people or the man himself!

She said
Write the book Vernon!


He said:
I know Terra had a brief consultation with the Hustler Magazine Group! I mean this could be a classic LGBTQ- ADA- maltreatment ( I have Blepharospasm ( since 2010) and apparently have always been Asperger’s ( high functioning), but my parents advocated unbeknownst to me except by a series of recent pandemic crisis motivated disclosures from my cousins. After no communication or contact from either of my brothers since we buried my mom’s remains in March 2016, a bunch of us now talk regularly. Many of them, sadly, were more afraid/ harshly judged/ or just never loved by my father( their uncle). He took something from me from ages 3-5 that in 61 year old comedic reflection, he could have at least asked permission for. My theory is that whatever happened in Korea " "bent" his personality. He was a lifelong Republican. In fact, the day I left home to come to CA in summer 1981, me and my mother went to EWR ( now Liberty/ Newark International) where I boarded a United Airlines Boeing 747 and began my sojourn in southern CA. Willie Curtis and Joe Mark went to see Nixons then-new Northern NJ estate. My late Uncle’s Executive Maintenance, INC. had just taken the Nixon home into its portfolio. They had serviced all the Seagrams family residences for some years by this time.

I was still daddy’s “chopped liver" by this time. Deposed ex-President Nixon was Waygu Prime Rib by comparison. My Uncle Mark? Purveyor of Fine Meats and Sausages, don’t know, I was on a plane and happy to be far enough away for the foreseeable future. My confrontation with Daddy was still eight years away at this point.

BTW, you may have figured this out, everyone involved in housing drama is black. Yeah, I know evil has never discriminated by color, sexual orientation, gender or wealth, but that still stings every time!. 😡

Remember to share with Terra, too. I would appreciate both of your individual comments, suggestions for publishing houses, etc.

Shoot! I forget the 29- minute pre-dawn drive to Kaiser ER in Hancock Park ( closest free parking) with tongue swelling to block airway after being bitten on tongue 👅. Now I have an Epi-pen 🖊 just in case.

That was 8.13.2020. As I finish this story, Trust in God, from the Winans album, Tomorrow, is playing. Ain't that just like UNCONDITIONAL L-O-V-E . Story and soundtrack! It's actually the music I would teach if I expanded to have a male choral quartet workshop spin- off from the Rhythm and Vocal Performance class.❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💯🖖🤟 Now playing, Golden Opportunity ( Winans, Tomorrow album).

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Paula and Terra are made-up names. I don't know anyone with either name. Vernon



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