All-Points-Bulletin: Family Misplaced During COVID-19: Will you help me Reconnect With Them?

I have 2 wonderful and amazing cousins . One of my cousins lives in Milwaukee, WI. The other lived in Minnesota, raised a family, lost a home to fire, rebuilt said home ( built.back.better.BEFORE the DMC slogan was a thing) sold said home and relocated to Metropolitan Tampa, Florida. I have called both over the last several weeks, but haven't heard from either. Sadly, tragically, they represent the branch of my family that for what I am sure we're stupid, petty, ignorant and or ridiculous reasons we're ostracized from the rest of us. By the way, the only thing the rest of my family tree ( "us") has in common is that we are all in the " could easily pass for white to deep chocolate brown-skinned color group". They have, with no coercion, guilt, or shame, willingly laughed, talked, commiserate, and reflected on current events with me throughout the POTUS45 Nightmare/Daymare/ NeverEndingRealityShiteshow scripted for your obsessive entertainment consumption.
I am concerned about them.

Consequently, I am declaring today LoNaJr. - BPra Day, Wednesday March 3, 2021 . The celebration of their ongoing lives in America will continue by me, " VP " N " OF 1, until further notice or when I hear of/ from them directly, whichever comes first.

My biological family is, in a word, PRICELESS. Like me and my parents before me, they are awakened every morning in America. Out of many, one human family finds itself among the living for one more 24 hour life cycle.

I don't know if this resonates with you, but I wonder if my gentle readers have come to a FULL STOP during this global healthcare system/ global infrastructure mega-uber-crisis and wondered why all of us are here in this moment in these times?
Observing the top of the Capitalist-Apex-Predator food chain, are we really only alive today to sustain Jeffrey Bezos, William Gates, Warren Buffets, and everyone within 6 or less degrees-of-separation from them?

Now, please understand, America, I am eternally grateful to my "peeps" , also known as a coalition of mostly black, brown, and beige shaded folks who elected Biden/Harris. That powerful Democratic Republic act has brought back a small army of qualified and experienced civil servants with morals and ethics to salvage the USA, a "bloodied-yet-unbowed" Democratic Republic. But that simply cannot be the only other reason we are all alive together in this moment of infinite time.

I mean no disrespect to any of the people I will mention now, but are the toxic, cruel, self-obsessed, formerly useful GOP- IDIOTS that apparently crave to be/ become the next versions of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey-Stedman-Graham our only raison d'etre? If our news media is to be believed, we the people are still influenced by anything these folk are saying and doing. Really?

I mean, I genuinely love mostly other people's animals. But I don't aspire right now to having any other mouths to barely feed, shelter, educate and raise to adulthood in 2021 America. I am however, thrilled to be a certified life coach, educator, writer and emerging comic-ironic writer. Knowing with every fiber of my being that anyone willing to learn anything can in fact, learn everything has always positioned me for success in multiple chosen professions.

However, one reason I voted for Biden Harris is for the freedom to " go there" and or "do just that " in my own much more individualized and personally sustainable and healthy way - at an intentionally smaller scale.

Now, all that being said, I do actually have an agenda: I seek to identify, promote and replicate everything and anything that will bring about/ co- create, and or seek to bring about a planet Earth that works for ALL of its inhabitants. I'm really not interested in or creatively motivated by anything less. I listen to friends adamant about the fact that we somehow would cease to exist without endless war, endless cycles of boom and bust, slums and slumlords, grifters, serial- monogamists, AI writing algorithms, the marketing of everything, profits over people, and conflict, bullying, pedophiles, and wealthy spoiled brattish children and adults aggressively rejecting unconditional love. But I have always mostly really thought such things as wrong, deadly, unsustainable in a Democratic Republic and unnecessary. If they must be here, I feel we should never promote evil and or death, nor earn fortunes for encouraging any of those things. I would really like the opportunity to thrive without them. I sincerely crave the opportunity to live in an inclusive United States of America in a Democratic Republic with a lifetime social contract and without man-made border walls but with "doctors without borders" bringing cutting-edge life- sustaining nature-based healthcare to all. Perhaps I am totally alone in believing that human and natural resources could get along fine without " them there horrors", so to speak. be continued, America? Is one nation, under unconditional love, with liberty and justice for all still possible? If the fine and performing arts are any indicator I think our founding mothers were correct to give birth to our founding fathers. They in their turns, inserted key provisions in our Declaration of Independence from the then- chief-colonizer, the kingdom of "Great" Britain. They had the motivation provided by the various Amendments to the US Constitution to sustain our Democratic Republic. Not-so-ironically, we should be eternally grateful for every single POTUS45 episode of scripted murder and mayhem of false God's that has brought us to this time of being severely beaten out of our deadly addiction to a single stultifying and soul-killing status quo.

Yes, To Be Continued might America BE! - something I can imagine the Mandalorian Yoda saying. It is the end to the Beginning of my next book chapter.

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021


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