An open letter to 3 Amigos
26 April 2021

Good Monday Morning, Caitlyn Jenner ( nee, Bruce Jenner), Hershel Walker ( and your 'resolved' alters), and My late father's Grand Old Republican Party:

Welcome to a Very Special Episode of POSE, 2021.
Formerly Useful American Idiot Fantasies: Olympic Icons, College football heroes, and Political Demagoguery-Idolatry Poster Children

Let us begin with Ms. Jenner. Dear heart, perhaps the only part of you that cannot be gendered or othered, #timeisupfinally. California needs and perhaps wants many things, but none of them are you. Any money the people backing you day they lost has already been reimbursed, with interest, thanks to Governor Gavin Newsom who deserves his full term to sink or swim. The GOP gave that much, at a minimum, to Reagan, Bush#1 and Bush#2. California deserves no less than to let the current Governor govern. Your grand old party's attempt to steal completed ballots with doppelganger fake-ballot-boxes was not unnoticed, even though it is, as yet, unconsequenced. If you are deserving, Caitlyn, perhaps the Log Cabin Thug clique and Corporate LGTBQ+ Community will underwrite whatever luxury retirement the Kris Khardashian Empire denied you. You have failed to demonstrate any reduction in snarkiness masquerading as arrogance and pride since before you transitioned to become a male transvestite. I have more qualifications to serve as governor of California, but I choose not to run. You need to make a similar choice and wait till the next election cycle, at a minimum to develop a platform of solution-focused polices and a coherent legislative agenda for our consideration. To do anything less is to give us a circus we no longer need.

Herschel Walker is proud of the job he did as nanny/ caregiver / role model to Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr. Yet, as if that were not enough of a disqualifier, there is the matter of his " resolved" alters. Two of his multiple personalities, the rage-aholic homicidal manic man and the serial philanderer/ who would rather not choose a brown-skinned partner, ever, are enough to disqualify him as a viable public servant. Seek to secure your third alter, the college football icon with a serviceable pro football career and afterlife as a paid motivational/ inspirational feature. Just because Trump defied his mentor by choosing you to be his shadow mentee, is not enough to overcome the fact that 66% of your persona is unfit for public service.

Finally, GOP
Y'all have never been for WE, THE PEOPLE since at least 1619. Your legislative agenda has only ever been Machiavelli's playbook. You and corporate-as-if-human capitalism have failed and broken any trust Lincoln may have earned. Just.Go. Now. The Electoral College has spoken 306 Biden to 232 Trump.

The Rainbow Coalition that voted to elect Biden/ Harris.


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