An Open Letter to Dr. Umair Haque


Vernon Nickerson
PO BOX ****
Santa Monica, CA

Good morning, Dr. Haque:

Thank you for all of your publications on Medioum.Com. I also want to acknowledge that I have yet to see any of the people who critiqued you and your writing have reckoned with 1.6.21 and its aftermath. From my point of view as a human being seeking truth in the digital age where behavioral economics, amongst other disciplines, has been weaponized to earn HUGE profits with miniscule to ZERO benefits for the 99%, someone should demand a reckoning on your body of work. Pretty much I can no longer deny the accuracy of your analyses. IN the end, you did not magically or supernaturally predict 1.6.21 and its aftermath. You applied ; your experience and expertise in what is clearly the field you were born to excel in and do groundbreaking work. I think many guilds, gatekeepers, etc,, chief among them Academia specific to Economics and American/Western academia in general at least need to acknowledge that reality.

Yet, that is not enough. POTUS46 and VPOTUS46 and their Legislative and Judicial Branch Colleagues and the Academic 'Guild gatekeepers need to open their minds and hearts to your work and that of economists Dr. Richard D. Wolff, and Dr. Mark Blyth. They also need to pay close attention and consider the work of Anand Girharadas, The Poor People's Campaign: A Call for Moral Revival, The 1619 project, and Jacobin Press, among many others, as a start.

The horror that I can no longer deny based upon the now double-and-triple counted 2020 Presidential election ballots is that roughly half of Americans want to wipe the other half from the face of the Earth. Full disclosure, I had those very words spoken to me in a conversation with Rev. Andrew Comisky, an iconic figure in the now-illegal-in-California Reparative Therapy, and Vineyard Christian Fellowship ( back when it's headquarters was in Orange County and John Wimber was its founder/leader). My crime/sin/"original sin(?)' was accepting that I was born as a homosexual homo sapien who also happened to have Brown skin. Ideologically and theologically, there is a direct line, plumbline/scarlet thread of redemption ( per the jargon of theological language) from VCF to Hillsong Church and the tragedy of one Carl Lentz, (former?) pastor to the stars at the end of 2020.

My engagement with VCF, Andy Comiskey, and Reparative Therapy was as a full fledged and professionally trained and certified acolyte. Unbeknownst to any of my "master teachers" ( this is me being drippingly sarcastic), I was happy that I was not hired by the CIA recruitment process and thrilled that I had been hired to work for the USAF Ballistic Missile Office at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, CA. What I was not aware of at that time was how sick of mind and heart I was because I had survived incestuous forced sex from ages 3 to 5 at the hands of my father, a deeply devout black man. I had not been able to ask for the years of medical and mental health treatment that have culminated in this open letter to you, everyone interested in your work, and the comparative microcosm of America that would call themselves social media followers of Vernon Nickerson. Not until I was miraculously hired by the USAF and taken safely away from my father's mind-control. Alcohol raids from my parent's liquor cabinet (neither were anything more than lightwieght social drinkers, but in the 1950's ethos, did not want to be inhospitable to family and friends who did. I had free and easy access to my drug of choice. By the time I could legally purchase alcohol, I had been in the workplace for six years, so access was never an issue. Ah, the ultimate closeted passive and agressive PTSD behaviors. We were the classic "Closed incestuous family, so visitors that suspected something was wrong rarely visited, mostly family who had their own 'open secrets inside the dysfunctional social bubble of "biological family of origin". But, as usual, I digress.(I am a work in progress, still).

BY this time, someone has said, but what/where is this horror? Was he that desperate to get as far away from his abuser as possible? Would a self-imposed celibacy and a deep dive into Charismatic Christianity finally pay off in what he was beginning to realize was potentially, the only Heaven he would ever really know and live to tell about it? Was his profound, pervasive and persistent existential terror that the mostly white American images of cruelty, homicide, suicide, and criminally insane behavior applied to less than 1% of the total population accurate and true OR inaccruate and false? The rise and reign of POTUS45 AND over 90% of my 61 years on planet earth have revealed my statistics were truly fucked up. It has always been much worse than I allowed myself to believe. It is as if I should be eternally grateful to everyone that worked to have this pandemic be the existential threat it is on track to become. That put the globe into some form of isolation and out of the proverbial rat race.

If even the 'best' work is a drug, supplemented by television, radio and the internet, we all got cut off from our drug of choice- work and the professions "COLD TURKEY". Of course it was ugly and violent and capricious and crazy, absolutely crazy, cold turkey can be deadly serious, too ( 400K and counting?). Now think about me in my first job that would actually pay off my student loan debt. I had literally been delivered from evil and blessed with a job that if successful would ensure data-verified death by incineration within a 10 mile radius of impact ( who needs targets anymore, really?) or death by nuclear winter, slow and painful. All I had to do was keep my eyes on the prize and I would have eternal life in a city just foursquare called Heaven. All the basically unecessary and never-enough (sufficient) chaos and or order was all part of God's plan. Anybody I who had ever harmed me would get God's Consequences ( this is essentially revenge, people). Screw the parentheticals, my Holy Bible-based belief system and worldview was death and destruction now in exchange for eternal life, eternal joy no longer "bound by Planet Earth". It was gruesome, a place of cruel and violent kings and queens, greed, addiction, death, perversion, cycles of boom and bust, with those at higher economic levels forever in power over the lower castes. And this and so much more from "God's People doing The Lord's work". In-fucking-insane, people.

Well, nowadays when my eyes are spasming shut, my "seeing" is improving daily. Suddenly, I have the time to think, love myself for all I see in the mirror and feel as a gaze/meditate, write, cook, sing, walk, and rest better than I ever have before. The other formerly controlling half of my life is dealing with the mess you have tried to warn us about for at least as long as you have been a published author.

Thank you, Umair Haque. Your work, and the work of the aforementioned published authors, grounded, centered and calmed me when everone else seemed to literally and figuratively be "ATWITTER"/ worried, tense, terrified, etc. I would love to have you as a life coach and or mentor. Could we start out on a sliding scale relative to my current below poverty income ( not poverty-level, the actual poverty)? Could I interview you on my podcast? I am happy to engage soley on this platform. I think COVID-19 presents a global teachable moment. Teaching (48 years and counting) is my life's work. Specifcally, to ask all the questions we have wanted to ask but dismissed as "Crazy", "that can't happen", never in a million years, etc. after 61 years of living in a bubble that limited discourse to an Information Age where all questions are welcome and encouraged? Well, the luxury of having those safe spaces gives me hope and desire to figure out how we finally can share the human and natural resources that we have always had. The search for an authentic organic life's work that truly sustains life CONTINUES. And that's a good thing, 'Auntie' Martha!

(c) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021




STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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