Analogous Reasoning for 2021 and Beyond

First, let us define our terms. Analytical reasoning or argument by analogy can be defined as a specific way of thinking, based on the idea that because two or more things are similar in some respects, they are probably also similar in some further respect.

Doctorate in the philosophy of education with a specialization in Exceptional Education

A dissertation of epic proportions at the intersection of students, their families (of origin and choice-or-, circumstance), and the teachers who serve them over time.

OUR ABSTRACT ( notes on abstracts)

We know the best learning environments are where educational outcomes are most consistently achieved.
We know what works best in teaching any subject to every student. We know what software and hardware can support a common core curriculum.

We know fascist dictatorships, monarchies, and fuedal states do not produce equity, justice, and freedom for all. We know these truths to be self-evident when we look at history over time, so why do the elite still prefer fascist dictatorships, monarchies, and fuedal states? Why do so many of them finance efforts to propagate, establish and maintain fascist dictatorships, monarchies, and fuedal states? Do these states allow pedophilia and other exploitative, traumatizing, and potentially deadly pursuits of sexual satisfaction with a co-occurring loss of human kindness, nurture, and empathy?
Does human cruelty and or self- harm produce deeper levels of arousal and or orgasm?
We know you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. But does that mean our economy food supply chain should only produce sugary foods and beverages? Does that mean we need to be gravely concerned when bees are dying faster than they are being born?

Why do we not do better when we know exactly what to do to be better? Why do we settle for less than our personal best? Why to we expend tons of energy, money, and time propogating armed conflict?

Why, for example, do we let big pharma addict millions with the help of licensed Medical Doctors around the world? Is America the largest developed nation with a chronic opioid addiction problem?

Why do we continue to manufacture, advertise, prescribe and sell highly addictive drugs everyday in America and around the world? Meanwhile, what else does the United States of America continue to manufacture, advertise, prescribe, and sell that is harmful to all sentient beings, e.g., human beings, animals, flora, and fauna?

If we know that certain chemicals, in their current combinations and uses are deadly or harmful, why aren't our research efforts focused on a.) finding other uses for these products, b.) weaning ourselves off of these substances in our daily lives and or c.) banning their use and disciplining ourselves to tolerate pain and inconvenience of pain in our daily lives? Could it be that we are united more than we are divided when it comes to a basic dislike/ hatred of chronic pain?

If we knew gun violence was directly linked to child sexual abuse, childhood poverty, and child homelessness in America, would Americans who do not have to kill animals who threaten their family members and property surrender their guns? Disarm them and lock them away forever? Stop purchasing and distributing them in bulk? Or would we simply arm every American as fast as our systems of legislators and Executives and courts will allow?

Teachers: cannon fodder as 20th and 21st Century warriors : chess pawns: endless wars
It makes perfect sense that the GOP has been dedicated to the destruction of American Free Public Educational Systems. Such systems are vital to maintaining and growing democracy within Democratic Republics such as the USA

The Penultimate True/False Final Exam Question

The Bible's seminal translation is the King James Version, considered for millennia to be a 00% perfect creation, totally error- free. This relentless presumption of perfection has produced a world happily hurtling towards its' epic suicide via every genocidal and homicidal passive-aggressive technique at it's disposal. TRUE OR FALSE?
( If you can demonstrate your answer as valid throughout recorded history in 25 double-spaced pages(or less) of text and additional pages of references in APA format, I will commit to living long enough to pay you the $1,000,000.00 you will have legitimately earned after my special panel of evaluators has completed a detailed validation/ verification of your work.)

The special panel:
NikoleHannah-Jones and the 1619 team of authors
Cornell West
Amy Goodman and the correspondents at Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky
Thomas Snyder
Taylor Branch
Rev. Dr. Joseph Barber II, Esq.
Former First Ladies:
Laura Bush
Eleanor Rosalynn Smith Carter
Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
Peter Joseph and the Revolution Now! team
Richard D.Wolff
Umair Haque
Jane Jennison Elliot
VPOTUS 46 Kamala D. Harris

What contribution to society is made, what legacy is left behind, by a life spent in search of the right questions to ask, quickly? How much time do we have before the END OF TIME AS WE have known it to answer the questions that will ensure humankind's ability to move beyond mere survival of only the fittest as defined by the elites? Can we ever thrive without these questions being posed and answered?

Questions, so many questions... And somewhere there are a_______ (that) __ must ________! - from Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope! An Iconic and Timeless Broadway Musical

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Live theater, choral and orchestral performance, all crowd-centric public recreational activities are dependent on our success locally and globally in eradication of deadly airborne viruses for which there are vaccines but no known cure. That's actually the lead buried sub-microscopically in this article.



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