Because Comedy Hype asked, I responded:
Woe to the Intoxicated and Enslaved People of Earth!


In November 2021, in the spirit of Revelation currently shredding representative democracy in the USA, return with us now , CTGod AND Comedy HYPE, to Pan-Africans' Fatal Flaw:
Closeted gays in rap and hip-hop, horny and sober, or horny and intoxicated, coming on to straight men and being openly misogynistic due mostly to believing they are white toxic masculine cisgender hetero-normatives.

That belief fuels their penchant for cruel, abusive, and or exploitative behavior. Being mesmerized and righteously judgemental, Comedy Hype plays the Virtual Virtuous Parent playing multiple sides of America's sordid fake sanctimony and hypocrisy card*. With this video rant, Comedy Hype has both feet planted firmly in the center of the shite show, one hand cashing their paychecks and the other hand self-pleasuring themselves. None of this winds up being "For the Culture" ( insert raised "black power" fist pump here). It does however, maintain the corporate capitalist status quo.

Way, way back in the day, as Emperor Nero fiddled ( 71 million who voted for Trump) and Rome burned to the ground ( 2 weeks in Scotland to agree that a deadly 2 degree rise in warming drowning many island nation-states), there was a sincerely earnest and petty group of Pan-Africans stuck on stupid to keep the sheep under control (as described in the previous paragraphs). Too sad. Too Tragic. TOO TRUE, BLACK AMERICA!

Then and There, as it remains Here and Now, time alone will tell. I am encouraged with each day's dawning that I get to witness, because the new day presents another chance for humans to choose better and do better because enough of us know better.

*Requisite quoting of the Jewish Pentatuech, Leviticus. Tre banal, Miss Comedy Hype Correspondent.

Sadly, coming out for POCs holding multiple cultural affiliations means being saddled with what everyone and their mama thinks is being LGBTQIA+ which has only ever possibly been true for the wealthy elites and the newly wealthy from popular cable productions. Unless anyone has asked the individual, assuming they have been told the truth, much of the Hype is ComedicTragedy, i.e., Too Much Ado About Absolutely Nothing Actually Based in Lived Experience. Unless...et tu, Brut-tay?!?!🌈💯



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