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Sunday Special to My Hero Fixes Stuff My Hero Fixes Stuff (MHFS)… and knows evil represents sentient human beings and or thanks to SCOTUS corporations made up of sentient human beings. Human beings have the potential to be immoral and wicked and or make immoral and wicked choices. In myways of understanding, I accept that when people’s physcial bodies give out for the last time, ie, the meat sacks die, whateve made them human never dies, it manifests as someone or something invivible to the naked eyeFairly or unfairly, they “become” ancestors. They can be banished, yes, that is a word. They can be shunned, shamed, repudiated with extreme prejudice, i.e., no right of return. There are real people who do real immoral and or wicked things to other people. There are ancestors who try to start/manifest some wickness and immorality. I cannot kill them, but they can be shunned and or shamed and or repudiated with extreme prejudice, i.e., no right of return. It is fair to ask the immoral and wicked in human and or other than human forms WHO How When Were, What, and Why they made immoral and or wicked choices. Their is such a thing as Amazing Grace. I think it is born into the world as we all practice UL, UPR TGR and LTLYITGLOA*. 100% of humans 100% of the time with no exceptions 100% all the time. Thou shalt not kill, quiet as it is kept, has an exception- those things humans we were gifted with dominion over. That is the situation with the roaches and rodents, among other species too numerous to mention here. You may well be asking at this point, why is he writing these things? Excellent question! The answer became horrifyingly clear over the last 18 hours as I took a deep dive into the courtroom dramas around the actors Kevin Spacey and Cuba Gooding, Jr. I encourage every reader to look at the legal judgements each has received vis a vis their lengthy histories of sexual predation that neither gentlemen has begun a personal journey of recovery/ choosing sexual sobriety through a mandated lifetime of 12-step meetings, at minimum three times daily for the next 30 years. Both are still at the phase where they do not see the predation of men and or women as inappropriate and or harmful. Sadly, their intelligence and uber-creative talents have earned them constant rewards in the workplace and throughout their public lives. Like most males socialized in USA culture, these rewards have resulted in increases in sexually predatory behavior choices. This is exactly what the current research in behavioral intervention science and chronic misbehavior intervention would suggest. Specifically, when rewarded while acting out, you will always see more acting out. Sadly, at least three men linked sexually to Mr. Spacey have died, at least one taking their own life. This is why I would have loved it if my fellow Medium writing colleague Walter Rhein had specifically named names in his otherwise powerful essay on the power of evil titled “People Who Gain Power to Work for the Greater Good Are Often Assassinated”. I speak as someone whose father was my incest perpetrator from ages 4 through 5 and a relentless physical and psychological tormentor even on the day his remains were interred in a plot at the Veterans’ Cemetery near where he made his transition in April of 2001. For forty-two years, I lived in the presence of evil. At my father’s funeral, a relentless parade of distraught political leaders shared their reflections about my father. It was surreal- speakers at most funerals have some sort of connection with the deceased AND their families. That was universally not the case. Today as i write, I recall my older sibling inviting all of his ex-girlfriends to his first weddings. I thought it was odd that anyone would invite everyone who lost-out, so to speak, to see who finally “won” the prize, so to speak. Within the first year or the marriage, wife #number one disappeared without a trace- we never heard from or saw her again. I have always presumed whatever she had experienced that prompted her departure was horrible because she cleaned out their apartment after claiming she wanted to reconcile the same day, which got my brother to come home early to find a barren apartment and no note. She left a silver serving platter engraved with their Initials. There is for me a theme of cruel irony and mystery that runs through these threads: “Your dad was a loyal Black Republican. we will miss him terribly.” /”I have a wife, you’re still alone.”/ “I want you to see what you lost, sucker!” *- Unconditional Love, Unconditional Positive Regard, The Golden Rule, LearningToLoveYourself IsThe GreatestLoveOfAll In our immediate shared future, what will your actions speak louder than your words, this week in the USA, USA? © VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. All Rights Reserved.


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Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.