Definition of anti-Semitism

: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group

Definition of inhumanity

1a: the quality or state of being cruel or barbarous

b: a cruel or barbarous act

2: absence of warmth or geniality : IMPERSONALITY

Definition of racist:




prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a

person or people on the basis of their

membership in a particular racial or ethnic group,

typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

“we are investigating complaints about racist



a person who is prejudiced against or

antagonistic toward people on the basis of their

membership in a particular racial or ethnic group,

typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

“he has been targeted by vicious racists online”

On today’s show, I said

[[[ the Holocaust ‘is not about race, but about man’s inhumanity to man.’]]]

I should have said it is about both. As Jonathan Greenblatt from the Anti-Defamation League shared, ‘The Holocaust was about the Nazi’s systematic annihilation of the Jewish people — who they deemed to be an inferior race.’

“I stand corrected,” Goldberg said.*

“The Jewish people around the world have always had my support and that will never waiver.

[[[I’m sorry for the hurt I have caused.]]]**

Written with my sincerest apologies, Whoopi Goldberg,” she said.***

*- Ms Goldbergs EXACT WORDS WERE NEITHER RACIST NOR ANTI- SEMETIC, per the commonly accepted definitions of those terms.

**- Ms. Goldbergs FIRST APOLOGY


*** AND, last but surely not least, her THIRD APOLOGY, in writing.

As a Christian by choice since I was 13 years old, after having come to the faith as a closeted male homosexual whose father, after serving in the horrors of War in the Korean Conflict, Americas longest continually declared war zone had responded to the horror by becoming a doppelganger of sorts to POTUS45, I paid much too high a price for my faith journey.

You see, gentle reader. My father’s closeted gay and sadistic doppelganger had to be radically and completely forgiven for being my incest perpetrator when I was aged 3 to 4 years. Like so many other wounded warriors of the USA’S wars abroad, he died pretty much beloved by those inside and outside of my immediate family bubble on 4.26.2011. One of his final declarations to my mother at the end was “The chickens are coming home to roost.” Uncannily, he was, like many on the ADS continuum, but undiagnosed and untreated, prescient in the extreme- planning for the 9–11 attacks was already well underway.

Such was the legacy of Hitler****, architect of mass slaughter of the people labelling themselves Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and human beings cognitively and or developmentally disabled. The Holocaust was about so much more than race. The USA has always taken its high achievers to task. versus using their brain power to substantiate or invalidate their statements. No one should be cancelled. Go to a library and read about ALL the persons that the Nazi’s targeted on a myriad of bases: race, sexual orientation, xenophobia, and cognitive and developmental disabilities. Then please go and beg Ms. Goldberg’s pardon. Patronize our brick-and-mortar free public library system! Do it now, as if our lives as a representative democracy depends upon your doing this one thing.

****- in WWI AND WW2



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