Dr. Shawn Patrick Conley, DO Caused Confusion


Dr. Shawn Patrick Conley, DO Caused Confusion


1.) Trump is literally and figuratively "Toxic Masculinity on Parade".
2.) POTUS45 IS the star of the Show/Parade.
3.) At a minimum, 85% of the global television audience are helping Trump earn coveted Neilsen ratings
3a.) Some definition is included here:
Nielsen TV ratings (commonly referred to as "Nielsen ratings") are the audience measurement systems operated by Nielsen Media Research that seek to determine the audience size and composition of television programming in the United States using a rating system.

4.a) If he lives, many people profit.
4.b.) If he dies, many people profit.

5.) If we go out on a "secure limb", this whole documentary has been 100% successful in distracting the world from the daily struggle to survive that 99.999999999% of the planet is engaged in up to its metaphorical eyeballs.

6.) Trump, and Trump alone is the only person not watching, mindful, observing, or caring about the documentary. He is the 00.000000001%.

7.) Now that the film is "In the Can", so to speak, POTUS45 can take credit for an epic win, continue to minimize a global pandemic with a virus that has no cure immediately available to, at a minimum, every registered voter at 5:47 am PDT on October 11, 2020.

8.) Death rates from COVID-19 in my city and county of residence, Los Angeles City and County, continue to rise.

9.) A Behavioral Economist on a members only private Fb group tried to initiate a discussion about a global trend for men to not wear face masks. The wearing of face masks in public in general and in places where there are large groups of people, e.g., grocery stores, more and more restaurants, etc. is recommended but not mandated or nationally consistently enforced.
10.) I was the only male out of 100% of the respondents who expressed an interest in discussing why wearing masks was still an option among other options instead of a national requirement.
11.) All of the remaining males were instead discussing whether or not machismo and toxic masculinity were under attack from women and the proverbial " left wing".
12.) Compared with the overall contentious and vitriolic level of global social media and televised-with-commercial-advertising-discourse we are bombarded with daily, it was passionate, profoundly erudite, and across the entire political spectrum, i.e., an impressive and distractingly engagingly rare display of unity around an issue largely irrelevant when contrasted with an undefeated global pandemic .
13.) Even though this is admittedly one interesting example illustrative of
100% global media penetration
100% focus on comparatively trivial but engaging and distracting issues, when we factor in the continuous rolling comedy central entertainment shows streaming 24/ 7, it is crystal clear to this gentle writer that , in America 🇺🇸, COVID-19 death rates will continue to rise.

14.) America is virtually guaranteed a future where defiant and physically/verbally agressive-passive suicidal behaviors will continue.

15.) Now remember, either win or lose the election, whether POTUS45 lives or dies, more thousands
will continue to die daily in America. However, all will have had some comedy respite from the last 10 months of fear, terror, racism, fascist rhetoric and media, and the ongoing and riveting spectacle over how America's "MANLY-MAN-IN-CHIEF" conquers his"up-close-and-personal apparently victorious battle" against COVID-19.

16.) Here is a sample of reviews generated 100% from my so-called imagination after ongoing reading and discussion that I have engaged in virtually and in the digital virtual realities I and all of my family and friends have occupied since March 13 2020.

"Stunningly tragic and Sad!" , " Criminal Negligence at its nadir" , "A triumph of manufactured consent on an epic and global scale!" - feat. the inner voices of: Noam Chomsky, Peter Joseph, Cornel West, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Roland Martin, Anand Giridharadas, Trevor Noah, Julian Bond, Mark Blyth, Umair Haque and Margaret Heffernan.

17.) Once, upon a time, I was riveted by my 10th viewing (over a 50- year timeline) of the science fiction classics, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
Fast- forward to 2020: In my then-role as a series regular in the reality television drama "Los Angeles Unified School District- Teachers Cut/Anatomy of One BrokeBack Black Mountain Sheep, an Inconvenient and Invisible Casualty in the run 🏃‍♂️up to a POTUS45-Incited-Civil-War-Redux", that cold, raw Friday March 13 when LAUSD sent some portion of its 700,000 students literally "Into the Unknown " of a first-in-US HIS-STORY COVID-19 shutdown and quarantine, my memory of the opening dramatic scenes of "TDTESS" collided with my lived reality. I still hope my lived reality will mesh seamlessly with the sobering reality of the final half of "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

Realistically, however, I feel I must begin to prepare for the more bloodless but infinitely, exquisitely, pervasively, and profoundly terrorizing ending of "Invasion of The Body Snatchers", to wit: The male lead, played by accomplished actor Kevin McCarthy, the proverbial " Last Man Standing", is pleading for America to wake up to the pod people who have taken over most of the leadership of the nation/ running of key government operations, etc. Cut ✂️ to the final scene of a truckload of people pods being shipped to the next city on the invaders comprehensive list. Fade to Black. THE END.

"The scariest horror films, like "Get Out!", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers ", and the classic and or "revival" versions of "The Twilight Zone" are profound and perversely perseverating in their terror because with few fabulous special effects, you can easily imagine the horrors portrayed." - Vernon P Nickerson

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2020


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