Epilogue to the Cosby Trilogy: Looking Forward to the Future With Confidence

After Cosby went home and defended his colleague-spouse this happened.

“Especially with these sovereign Moorish groups, there is this idea that is rooted in ancient civilizations like the Aztecs, the Olmecs, Incas,” said Cruz. “They have this belief that the U.S. government has no right to be enforcing or creating laws in territories that don’t belong to them, so they see themselves as forming their own sovereign nation."

"Although 2020 saw an overall decrease in the number of anti-government groups, according to the SPLC, the amount of activity tracked by this group has increased."

“What we are seeing as well as the uptick in activity is the idea that these sovereign-citizen groups like Rise of the Moors, they try to prey on Black and Brown individuals,” said Cruz. “Typically with this idea that society is unfair and it preys on individuals who are maybe down on their luck, they have a place to turn where these groups promise a more fair and equitable society.”
Caroline Anders, Devlin Barrett and Desmond Butler contributed to this report.
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"They!" have found a scapegoat to attach perfectly appropriate goals of property ownership, self-sufficiency, and seeking An America that keeps it's documented promises to POCs. Once attached, "They!" will now seek to convince the nation that an angry, invisible, armed and financed militia will take back what has stolen by violent deadly force as needed.

I do not know how "They!" will do this, but "They!" have already begun to create the army of armed Moors who will fulfill the horrific dreams of White folks in the USA.
How far can "They!" get in the next weeks and months? Remember the silent haters have been replaced with the GOP. THEY! are not silent or stealthy in the hate they give. Every inch given is another hundred miles lost by "Them!" taking it by force.

Voting Rights
Abortion Rights
Womens' Rights
Separation of Theocracy from Democracy
Free Speech Rights
Human Rights to live in peace as a whole human race, unconditionally loving all colors of skin
Rights to a Thorough and Efficient Free Public Education

It is wrong for any group of humans to seek to take rights without asking. THEY! also love to demonize people for asking them to ask and get approval for taking. THEY JUST TAKE! TAKE! TAKE! and never ask. Just like too many FUFF’s! Seven major sets of rights taken! And nothing on offer to replace those rights. FUFFs strike again!

Meanwhile, William chooses white power. Camille, in the role she apparently was born to play, refuses to break character. William doing justice in his own life could potentially save the planet. But Cosby is being a Diva Prima Donna of a Withholding female dog named Be’ache!, not Beyonce. I only wish him well enough to motivate him to do the right thing and clean up the mess he made. He needs to cease and desist from blaming us for aiding and abetting his poor and dangerous behavioral choices. By all that is holy, for cryin' out loud! I am an incest survivor! I am not part of the people you continually blame for making you the cretin you elected to become! You did that to your own cursed and delusional self. No one helped you be a FUFF to over 55 females. If your wife didn’t try to get you to do the right thing, take it up with her! Again I say, Your Mess as a FUFF is not our Fault! And clean up YOUR FFUF MESS SO WE can get on with OUR LIVES!
Stop wasting time! Silence = Death!
"IF Black America is destroyed, William Cosby, Jr., EdD, it is all your fault!" Our hero flipped Cosby the bird, spat out other choice epithets, then left the room, slamming the Mahogany Doors so hard all Cosby Jr.’s Awards crashed to the floor and creating yet another epic mess.

But this time, Dr. Cosby had been sealed permanently in a luxurious room of his own design. Alone for eternity; left with the memory of what really happened over 50 different times in over 50 different ways and leaving a "hater army" of over 50 different women.

Perhaps there was still redemption for Black America in his silence.Maybe the over delayed redemption needed his life sentence in "social distance hell" for all human beings of all colors to be made real, after all. The last Cosby door closed, then and only then, did OUR WHOLE WORLD open up!

Now it was only left to the Sole Surviving Historian and One Opinionated SOAB to chronicle the next one hundred thirty-eight years. And or as many years as our hero would be gifted.

By his reckoning that was more than enough time for Cosby to step up, meet his maker naturally, and then create a space in which Camille might choose to speak up. It was also plenty of time for none of that to ever happen and the world to choose life and health and peace!



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Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.