Episode 2 of Systems are broken by people

Capitalism is a system designed of, by, and for a discriminating, wealthy, exclusive and small clientele. That clientele has no interest or incentive to embrace diversity unless and until such change increases their generational wealth. Their system works for them and all of us are forbidden free and equal access, by design. For all not members of the 1% Club, Capitalism has always been a bright, shiny, broken toy prize, just out of reach.

Their latest technology for maintaining Command-Communications-CONTROL is big data. Specifically how every incremental change must be justified with big data. Perversely, we turn out mostly white male and some female gate for what their peers judge to be groundbreaking ideas. Many are not replicable theories. And big data research is Uber expensive in a forest of internet paywalls. In this toxic environment we produce crabs clawing over table scraps and no practical scholarship. Their is no debate, just manufactured consent and marketing of ideas. All this after millennia of seminal complex civilizations on the African continent that birthed one race of sentient human beings.

But the fear which morphed into an insane terroristic obsession with willful ignorance of a minority skin color group was a gateway drug to our current intoxications/ addictions.


Two people are dead and eight others are injured following a mass shooting overnight in downtown Minneapolis, according to the Minneapolis Police Department. ...

These days, one cannot get enough calming, informative, think pieces published quickly enough to stop people from using all those guns and ordnance they started hoarding per direction of their Lords and Masters since 9-11. At the end of his life five months before the attacks, Willie Curtis Nickerson was repeatedly reported to tell anyone who would listen that " one day soon, the Chickens of weapons of mass destruction that America had always lied about would soon come home to roost." Like his pimps, his truth telling came too late and was too little to be heard. An ironic end to the " articulate young debate champion from Hartselle, AL.

In 2021, it occurs that I am the next generation in my family to speak up and speak out. My mission: to NOW BOLDLY GO with all of you, to Where I have only always ever been: HOME.

insert Stephanie Williams here:


(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021


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