FANTASTIC FRIDAY HEADLINE NEWS, AMERICA:"Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner could be on the move — a College Hunks Hauling Junk truck was just spotted outside their Washington, DC, mansion"**

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My response:
Okay, if this news is real it's fine for the moment if the whole lot of them escape to an island. Let them hide in plain sight. America could then sell the island to China, Russia, Cuba, or North Korea.

The sale would provide funding to end poverty and homelessness in at least the southeastern US or fund 4 years of universal basic income in the US. Such a move makes it simple to shun America's most storied first Radical Zionist Mafia Family. Wouldn't that be a deliciously divine and devilish irony?

Any of the aforementioned buyer-nations would love a US mainland adjacent island. After the sale closes, we can legitimately disenfranchise them, revoke their passports, and erect an electronic fence around their island. Voila! a perfect gilded cage. The Trumps and any remaining 1%ers on the island would be motivated to reverse global warming to prevent the sea level rise from turning their home into an underwater prison. Or not. And, anyone with enough money would be welcome to relocate to what would undoubtedly become DJT Island. Note well: The island family's flag was revealed at the January 6 terrorist attack at the US Capitol.

Speaking of the US Capitol Terrorist Team, they can all be deported to serve the family on the island and would therefore be required to permanently relocate to Trump Island. All of those with weapons would be tasked with island security.

In a finale, hosted by Julie Chen and Executive Produced by her husband Les Moonves, we could employ the talented production team from “Survivor”. Billy Bush could serve as co-host. This would be "Epic Must See TV". The UN and World Court at the Hague could ban everyone from supplying nuclear or chemical weapons on the island. Conversely, threat of nuclear annihilation would act as the ultimate disincentive for any offshore criminal activity. This is a fantastically humane, fair and balanced solution. It benefits the planet and finally allows the family to do something beneficial for Planet Earth.

However, for those gentle readers who may be willing to play for pay, please respond to this article with any and all " better long term solutions" ( i.e., lasting for 1000 years or more). Thank you for your time and attention.
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