Attention, LA City Attorney Mike Feuer ! This is the minimum, baseline expectation I expect and LA NEEDS -- FOR THE EXISTING LAPD-- and the 10,000 my neighbors seem to think we so desparately need! My personal public preference would be to squeeze maximum effeciencies out of the existing M&WIB ( men and women in black) first, then train and hire the newbies ( that reflect the complexion of our great city on several hills) to be mentored by the brightest🌈🌈🌈💯💯💯 and best of the extant LAPD. VOILA! A CENTER LEFT COAST SOLUTION-- FOR THE PEOPLE! BTW, LA, CA(!), in my personal and professional opinions, Mr. Mike Feuer, by professional resume and verifiable accomplishments, warts 😉and all, is hands down my pick for NEXT GEN 21ST CENTURY MAYOR OF THE 21ST CENTURY CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA! THATS MY STORY! I'M ALL IN! I LIKE MIKE because he apparently, beyond all reason, LIVES, LOVES AND LAUGHS IN THE HEART OF LA!

True story, I drove right through his neighborhood on my daily commute from Burbank to my BELOVED COMMUNITY- WIDNEY CPTC! Shout out to Widney Cares !, Jeffrey Casey ,and Deyon Dawson ! Quiet as it has been kept by me, until TODAY, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2022 at ( omg!) 2:42 AM PACIFIC TIME they were the WIND BENEATH WHATEVER WINGS I EVER THOUGHT I HAD AS A SPED DISTRICT INTERN/ CASE MANAGER. As of last week, I took my none-too-shabby nascent Educational Consultancy, Vernon Nickerson Schoolcoach down the road to advocate virtually in North San Diego County, of all places! Boy the fields are white with harvest, and BIPOC "wheat(!)" AMONGST THE GENERATIONAL WEALTH endemic as the chaff. In my new new role as SCHOOLCOACH VERNON, I watched in stunned silence, Lori Gibson-Washington and my "radio boss" Vernon Jr Prince , as three hours worth of Parent Empowerment Coaching ( currently valued at $300.00/ hour) and one AMAZING Ed.D calmly and efficiently scored touchdown after touchdown. Flawless execution, and extremely polite, too ( my signature trademark, btw). Outcomes, well, lets just say less than 24 hours later and the appropriate removal of one spectacularly incompetent QB on the other team who was literally "caught on tape" trying to duct tape the mouth of my star parent(!) [ I couldn't believe a so-called "seasoned professional" would even attempt such a "rookie" move! 😡🥶😱. And the beauty of my work as a PEC is I don't say a mumblin' word-- the local Ladies of Excellence happily do all the heavy lifting! At 62-going-on-13 ( age I was with my first paid coaching of a 60 years young phenom who scored a GED after an inspiring effort) I greatly prefer the Coaching role! And in the virtual universe, I can coach from anywhere on the planet, and take the next day off when and if jet lag becomes an issue!

Crazy as it sounds, I actually have to give thanks to POTUS45!! Without him and his "coach" Fauci, I and so many others might never have discovered Parent Empowerment Coaching, Jesse Cuevas , Rebecca Baroma ,@ Myesha Hill , Tanithia Hill ,@ Christopher Eaton, David Shulman Some of y'all might want to pick up a new tool-- quiet as I kept it, Glenda Hicks , Kay F. Evans , Terry Franklin Tiffanie Noelle Smith , 100% of my former team successfully and seamlessly used THEIR HIDDEN GENIUS, with EXPERT EMPOWERED PARENTAL SUPPORT , independent of their beloved Coach, coming back from what was originally diagnosed as major organ failure, to make the transition from brick-and-mortar to virtual play on 4.13.2020! To say Coach V was gobsmacked AND PROUD (!!!) WOULD BE an Understatement. In the virtual environment, as their career performance predicted, my "trio"of Asisstant Coaches and one NPA/BII SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT 💯💯💯💯! I remain forever BESOTTED by A Singularly Superior Sensational and Seasoned Educational Support Staff (and woefully underpaid, in my not-so-humble opinion*) professional staff!

This has been a message in the public interest by (C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

*- TUNE INTO "One Opinionated Son of A Blacksmith!", on, Sundays through Thursdays at 5:00 pm PACIFIC ( -Head Writer and Executive Producer, V. Prescott Nickerson MA)

A FRIENDLY REMINDER: All are invited to my 24/7 virtual perpetual micro-fundraiser-for-free by going to www.Medium.Com, searching for my 323 articles ( and growing), reading to the end of each ( avg. 3-5 minutes per article), 👏👏👏 up to 50 times at the bottom left ( or top right) of each article, and becoming a FAN, and Follower! All that you can do for zero money down! $0.00! FREE! But they do require you to read the entire article for me to earn 50 cents-per-read/ follow/ FAN. But DO NOT BE AFRAID! I make my content interactive with hyperlinks, typically. This way you can dig deeper-- on your own time!😅

AS for the Internet Radio thing, its a grown-and-sexy eclectic OG R&B / SMOOTH JAZZ PLAYLIST-- often with its "resident-Frankie-Crocker" virtual disc jockey, VERNON Carlos Prince, Jr., direct from ...Orlando, Florida! By the by, shout out to my angels-before-COVID, Judy Haddad and Tropicana Orange juice heir-apparent Dr. Felecia Jett ! Now y'all know why I remain grateful and indebted to you witty, wise and wonderful women for what I am eternally grateful for. I am imploring all my truly beautiful tribesmen John Meeks , John Ponce , Johnny Ray , Jeffrey George Moline , Elijah Smith , Jeffrey Sterling Harry Hazelwood , Steven Simington and basically, every literate reader I know to get EVERYBODY in your METRONS, Jim Payne , Jim Walker ,@PastorJim Swilley and my Minnesota/Atlanta connection Rev Timothy Paul Gerald Graetz ,Rt.Rev. Dr. Duc Vuong , READ ME ON WWW.MEDIUM.COM
Think of it as a new twist on the phrase " How I attended a Covid19 Rent(!) Party that was FREE AND PAID THE HOST pennies on dollars I did'nt have to spend!" as opposed to the much funnier and popular sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother!" Crazy, right?!!!?😆🤣😂🤪🙂🙃

Read and or RE-READ! the 1967 Edition of "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community!, by my very human hero, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was, quiet as it is being kept, until now, EXACTLY THE GOOD TROUBLE MEDICINE OUR NATION AND THE WORLD NEEDS! Dr. KING'S work, IN MY OPINION, is the inspiration for Yang's Yin, so to speak, in his discussion of UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME!

We return you to your regularly scheduled major media drivel, already in (lack of!) Progress.

Dear President Biden: Can we limit our participation in Eurasia's Business to 100% Diplomatic Overtures, please? Back in the Day I was a COPPER CAP INTERN at USAF/BMO/ Norton AFB, CA who got tired of flying every week and segued to (then) Northrop Electronics Division, home of the (then, in 1988) state-of-the-art-of-nuclear-war Inertial Measurement Unit, the gyroscopic guidance system for the ( thankfully!! Decommissioned in 2015) MX/ PEACEKEEPER intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile. AS a person living with Aspergers- High Functioning, and a mild case of ADHD ( still awaiting for the past 3 COVID-STRESSED years for adult assessment diagnosis and treatment from my life-saving and under-FUNDED KP.ORG HMO) I still have memories of learning that one of those M.A.D. missiles would likely have knocked the Earth off its axis. As you are no doubt well aware from your past service as a UNITED STATES SENATOR from DeLaWare, those not vaporized by the impact would be grateful to miss the long slow mission "creep" of the resultant nuclear winter.

Besides, for a region that has been in conflict since (almost!) the dawn of history, they do not, from any reasonable person's POV, need anybody's help in fighting anyone! Please lead us by using all that pent-up frustrated masculine intellect and raw power to stop the GOP from their ridiculous rollback to a Third Reconstruction-as-Deconstruction-of-Our-Representative Democracy. Please GET THAT DONE! Then at least we might still Build Back Better in 2024 and BEYOND!

Vernon P Nickerson




STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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