GetAhead, StayAhead: NEW FOR YOU IN 2022

A New Educational Initiative to Reduce Functional English Language Illiteracy to 2% or less!


From VERNON NICKERSON ( dba VernonNickersonSchoolcoach): Watch "Civil Grand Jury Accuses Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith of Corruption" on YouTube


Good morning:

My condolences on this deeply concerning public safety development. Unfortunately, given the current implications relative to public safety as California and the nation progess to our shared future living within a global public health crisis, this is the type of red flag that I will be monitoring closely before considering relocation. The number of charges and length of time ( 2 years) that this process has been unresolved is deeply troubling.

Nevertheless, should remote positions you might consider me or my firm for arise, I would be happy to be considered for any such opportunities.

In the meantime, keep an eye on my LinkedIn page and www.Medium.com for the launch of GetAhead,StayAhead, a remote tutoring concept to decrease functional illiteracy in the USA. The model specifically engages learners struggling with English Language fluency and reading prosody in collaboration with parents, teachers, and learners in grades pre-K through 12. As my target demographic begins Winter Break, this time for recreation, health and wellness provides a unique opportunity for at-risk learners, ELL'S in particular.

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