Memphis BLM Activist: Tyre Nichols’s Killing Is Part of Police Brutality Crisis for Black Residents

When you see the deceased victim, and then the “SCORPION UNIT” you see five armed bullies/sociopaths who took the life of a child who in no way shape or form have made them ‘feel unsafe’. USA, USA, we must, as rapidly as possible, begin to focus on aggressive force abatement and psychiatric assessment prior to admission to law enforcement training academies. When officers discharge weapons and someone dies, even when deadly force is justified. You might well ask why? Happy to share — we are hardwired for relationship, not ever death. The tragedy of COVID-19 IN AMERICA IS we proved ourselves uncaring when millions died-alone, with loved ones helpless to hold their hands. Anger, fear of the other, pain, and resentment roared into the USA’s psyche.

Grieving a gruesome murder by police, and realizing liars, thieves and murderers have not ever discriminated based upon any spectrums of difference. NOT.ONE.SINGLE.Time. Now they are seeing that the 5 known butchers were aided and abetted by unnamed white overseers; sadly that makes sense. What kind of grooming(?) drugging(?) programming(?) was used? Did they go looking for bullies to become law enforcement? What family lives did the five scorpion team members have? How did five families produce 5 unique brained men to dehumanize a man less than half their size and slaughter him? Why would the Mayor, the Governor, and the POTUS all march with those in Memphis peacefully seeking justice? If not now, when? SCOTUS should caravan down south, how about NORTH to Sandy Hook, or West to Columbine CO, or Florida, or Northern California . Good Sabbath weekend, America in 2023.


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