Grand Finale to a Folly of Epic Grandiousity: on the Twenty-First Century, LTD.

The thrilling conclusion to a modern re-imagining of Scherazade's 1001 Arabian Nights

Your Arms Too Short To Box With God, was, among other things, the basis for a Broadway musical.
Produced by Frankie Hewitt and the Shubert Organization, it opened December 22, 1976, at Broadway's Lyceum Theatre in New York City. It moved to the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on November 16, 1977, and closed January 1, 1978, after 429 performances.[1]

Your Arms Too Short to Box with God was revived twice on Broadway, first at the Ambassador Theatre and the Belasco Theatre (June 2–October 12, 1980), then at the Alvin Theatre (September 9–November 7, 1982). During the 1982 run, Al Green appeared with Patti Labelle in the show.[1]

Remember, PLAYS BUILT AROUND LYRICAL PROSE HAVE BOOKS AND MUSIC. The music always comes with and is always paired seamlessly throughout the piece. Note how many different generations have applied this simple phrase that directly opposes and challenges Common European and limiting wisdom ( Guns as "safe", "needed for safety", needed by any sentient critically thinking human being):

The phrase first appeared in James Weldon Johnson's novel, "The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man," in which he attributed it to a Black preacher named John Brown. Describing this powerful preacher, he wrote, "He struck the attitude of a pugilist and thundered out: 'Young man, your arm's too short to box with God!'"[2]

Later James Weldon Johnson used it in his poem "The Prodigal Son," which was published in his 1927 book of poems God's Trombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse.[3] The passage — which likewise refers to an arm (singular) rather than arms (plural) — reads:

Young man—
Young man—
Your arm's too short to box with God.

But Jesus spake in a parable, and he said:
A certain man had two sons.
Jesus didn't give this man a name,
But his name is God Almighty.
And Jesus didn't call these sons by name,
But ev'ry young man,
Is one of these two sons.[4]

The title phrase has been used in other contexts.
1) "Your lungs is too small to hotbox with God" is a line used by rapper Xzibit in Eminem's "Bitch Please 2".
2.) Xzibit later used a variation of the line ("Your little lungs is too weak to hotbox with God") on "Down for the Count" by Reflection Eternal.
3.)The phrase also appears in the Black Star song "Thieves in the Night", in the line "Your firearms are too short to box with God". 
4.)GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan also used a variation ("Rhymes too short to box with God") on his track "Paper Plates" from Pro Tools. 
5.) Killah Priest, an associate of Wu-Tang Clan, opened his debut album Heavy Mental with the phrase.[5] 
6.) It is in "It's All Real" by Pitch Black and "Mortal Combat" by Big Daddy Kane. 
7.)Nas used the line in his song "You're Da Man" from his 2001 album Stillmatic.
8.)The line also appears in "Drunk Daddy" by the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and in "F.I.F.A." by Pusha T.
9.)This line is also used in Dumbfoundead's song, "Korean Jesus" with the lyrics "Buddha blessed, with Muhammad, trying to hotbox with Gods." 
10.) Ralph Ellison uses the phrase in Invisible Man: "Your arms are too short to box with me, son."
11.) Former professional wrestler CM Punk quoted the title word-for-word in a promotional clip on Monday Night Raw on January 7, 2013.
12.)In the 1990 album "Let the Rhythm Hit ’Em" by Eric B and Rakim.
13.)the line "Your arms too short to box with God so quit it" appears in the song "Untouchable".

Digging deeper: After having students pick from a bag of numbers 1 through 15, assign them to take a deep dive into any of the 13 recorded uses, and
VOILA! A complete pantheon of seminal works and contemporary application of culturally classic and iconic phrase YOUR_ARMS_TOO_SHORT_TO_BOX_WITH_GOD across at minimum 1000 years of human existence. 
Yes, we must, at minimum, go back to when those words were first mentioned and or alluded to by the "archetypical" Jesus Christ. Did Allah ever speak of or allude to them, Buddha? Krishna? Religious Science?, the self-actualization crew?

My late father, Willie Curtis Nickerson, after having been forcibly immersed in the violence, cruelty for the sake of being cruel, psychological abuses of teasing, shame, ridicule, and libertine-and-epicureanExcess of The European Settler Colonialists, after being released by his US Military Masters and profoundly driven mad at the world because of that entire experience, FULLY AND AGGRESSIVELY EMBRACED THE ONE TRUE THING EXTANT AT THE HEART OF HIS MIDDLE SON'S AFRO-CENTRIC theology, spirtuality, and psychotherapic personal coaching practice:

A complete pantheon of seminal works and contemporary application of culturally classic and iconic phrase YOUR_ARMS_TOO_SHORT TO_BOX_WITH_GOD. 

It is noteworthy amongst the many behavioral choices available to a Lincoln Log Cabin Republican that my daddy embraced that philosophy - Y.A.T.S.T.B.W.G.( a Platinum Republican Party Membership Card was found in daddy's personal effects as me and my beloved Mother and confidante, Sadie Mae Walker Nickerson, RN ( ret.) began packing out of the home they had spent 38 years together raising their three sons as best they could in the midst of all extant circumstances and multiple series of unfortunate events).
As it happened, it took them untold thousands of dollars in generational wealth to be exonerated (Chavis vs. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH) and seek American jurisprudence justice ( NICKERSON vs. The Halal Meat Market next door whose total loss in a mysterious and destructive fire-next-door to the Brick 4-unit garden apartment complex they used their life savings to own and maintain was heavily damaged requiring major repairs).

Faithful spouse and bookeeper all of her life, Sadie Nickerson did not leave the family home until young descendents of Jamaican immigrants they had welcomed into their apartment complex staged a burglary with surgical precision taking only her diamond platinum wedding ring after removing a three-inch thick fireproof security door from its hinges and setting it back in the steel door frame unhinged. That was the final straw. For their last years together, they frequently sacrificed vacation travel together as a couple in order to allow my father to remain and safeguard the marital assets.

Sadly and tragically, against their parents' expressed wishes, but, in their defense, also after decades of corporal punishment, bullying, teasing, sarcasm and psychological abuse, Vernon's older sibling, his only biological nephew, and his younger brother rejected and shunned their middle sibling and uncle, holding him accountable, perversely, for following their father's edict that the marital assets were by design and plan soley to maintain our Mother in the manner she had been accustomed to. Unlike his white political and business collaborators, there was to be no generational wealth for surviving males to fuss and fight and marinate in resentment over.
Totally embracing the current popular predjudices, phobias and orthodox toxic ideologies of their day, neither sibling to Vernon's left or right ever bothered to look and see that their gay brother had never been accepted or embraced as a member of the much envied-and-maligned LGBTQIA+ community. They had simply assumed the worst after their middle sibling had gone to seek the only viable offer of employment he had obtained after the now commonly understood economic reversals of the Nixon-Reagan dynasty forced Union Carbide to cancel the offer of post-graduate employment at its Parma, Ohio Research Center upon completion of his Northwestern University BSIE.

Years later, when Vernon and the rest of the world learned of Union Carbide's role in the Bhophal disaster, Vernon felt he had "dodged a bullet" which could have made for the same result, just later down the road in what he now sees as a hotbed of hostilty, resentment, and race-based hatred from its white residents. Thousands of years later, their deadly-force weapons ( fireARMS and armed militias) and their biological ARMS [[REMAIN]] _ARMS_TOO_SHORT_TO_BOX_WITH_GOD!

And so, Vernon settled into his core and seminal skill sets to be a participant celibate observer of the apparently planned design of decline and destruction of the USA as a participant democracy where abundant natural and human resources were hoarded and wasted by a powerful few always saying such behaviors were intended to help the less-powerful-and-far-less-generationally wealthy majority of Planet Earths' sentient human being and animal occupants. Apparently, the roaches and mites would be the sole survivors to inhabit whatever would remain of the humans' folly of cyclic addictive behaviors.

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021. All rights reserved.




STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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