Have you ever danced with LAUSD + UTLA in the pale Moonlight?

"Although the district has instructed every student and staff member who work or attend school in person to take the home rapid antigen tests before returning from spring break, it is only requiring those who test positive to report their results to the district."**

** https://www.dailynews.com/2022/04/08/lausd-superintendent-urges-precautions-over-spring-break-to-avoid-covid-spike/

[Until two weeks ago, the district still required indoor masking, and employees are required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. A similar vaccination mandate for students is expected to take effect this fall. Nearly 90% of all students 12 and older were already vaccinated as of late January, officials said at the time.

“In a scientific world, we don’t move on the basis of extreme outliers. You look at the globality of the data that is available. There is a high level of efficacy specific to COVID-19 vaccination,” Carvalho said in response to a question about whether district protocols are working.]- from the article linked

The term “globality” primarily refers to a social condition, potentially the end-point of globalization, whereby individual and collective consciousness is focused increasingly at the global level and away from the national level.Feb 29, 2012

1. There is a high level of efficacy specific to COVID-19 for mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing for vaccinated/ boostered ( as directed by your PCP) AND/ OR unvaccinated individuals. This statement is verifiable throughout peer-reviewed and subsequently published research data. I say that because, as the public is aware, we have granted vaccine exemptions to LAUSD staff and students. Also, due to pre-existing health issues, a small additional percentage of employees can never be vaccinated because of the potential of lethal allergic reactions to the vaccine. And yet, as we commit to in-person instruction and advocate for more hours in school on campuses with virtual instruction rejected for all but a "minority with specified special circumstances", we must also commit to making "unpopular" decisions. Consequently, our new baseline expectation is that we welcome all employees, contractors/consultants and students and parents to follow all COVID prevention protocols in perpetuity. Public schools are mandated by Federal and State law to SERVE ALL STUDENTS. To be successful with this ALL INCLUSIVE MISSION, public school systems must err on the side of caution. This is especially true due to the thousands(?), hundreds(?) of non- LAUSD personnel on school sites every day, even when students are not on campus.

We expect pushback from employees, students, parents, and the communities we serve. This is because we understand no one wanted protocols to become permanent. Unfortunately, no one expected elected officials to become "professional ad hominem attack animals" about COVID19, EITHER. Society, fairly or unfairly, must acknowledge massive media campaigns of a toxic hybrid of misinformation/ information, lies, half-lies, and truths have helped a public health emergency/crisis grow into a global public health pandemic. Throughout the COVID PANDEMIC, the United States of America has maintained the unchallenged lead in COVID hospitalizations. In April of 2022, the USA has 20 million +
more hospitalizations than the number two country....INDIA.

Perhaps MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, this is not the first time public education has had to hold its consumers and practitioners to higher praxis, ethical, and moral standards than the so-called non-public-schools population. Any current public school employees, parents and consumers have a right to disagree with erring under an abundance of caution by finding other education providers with COVID Protocols more to their liking. The Pandemic Pod movement that is growing in direct response to the proliferation of global COVID19 spread is only the latest example of the myriad of choices available. Know also that those choices have the luxury of being discriminatory and or exclusive with limited access by design/ development of unique systems, etc.
But all are free to choose the schools that meet their needs for control and dominance.

This conversation about choice also applies to every parent that believes "certain historical facts" and or first person narrative histories should not be taught, believe certain books should not be read, etc. have always, since desegregation began in the 1960's. These people have always had the choice to form alternative schools and by extension, their own " members only" school systems and professional development programs.

So USA, USA, can we finally stop all the drama? Can we return to our lanes and lives as non-medical professionals not given unrequested and or often deadly medical advice? Why are we allowing School Superintendents such as Mr. Carvalho at LAUSD to go off like half-cocked rifles about ANYTHING OUTSIDE THEIR SCOPE OF PRACTICE?

Why aren't we having more conversations about these ICONIC THREE(3)(TRES) little words,
SCOPE! OF! PRACTICE! (SOP)? Why is SCOPE OF PRACTICE ALSO FRONT OF MIND as I wish to hold our elective representatives and lifetime hires at SCOTUS , USPS Commission, and other public servants accountable for their public behaviors when they were supposedly well-paid and compensated for said public service? I wish I had ever worked in a company where I could give myself a raise!

Many have attempted to draw comparisons between COVID19 PANDEMIC and HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC. I would not recommend this approach for several reasons:

1.) The actual similarities are limited and all are deadly and or subject the infected for chronic debilitating and or deadly disease post COVID 19 "RECOVERY". BUT remember, UNDECTECTABLE VIRAL LOAD is meaningless for a virus that is easily and primarily spread via Asymptomatic Airborne Transmission. I do not believe there have been any cases of anyone contracting COVID19 through unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.

2.) There is no evidence that COVID19 discriminates who it infects by race, socioeconomic level, country of residence, skin color, or particular spiritual practice.

3.) Every resident on planet Earth manages some level of health risk of spreading or contracting COVID 19 every day

The BOTTOM LINE: The world must begin an epoch of unprecendented, collaboration, consensus-building, cooperation, and community building in response to the defining public health crisis in our lifetimes and beyond. The very idea of any human beings funding or conducting gain-of-functioning research on this virus should have remained just that- an idea.

What do we really know about people who run corporations doing gain-of-functioning research on highly contagious viruses when contracting the "base" unaugmented or unenhanced virus? What drives them? What are their origin stories? How do they manage anger, hurt, fear, rage, justified or unjustified? How happy are their friendships, familial relations? Why trust any person in power who has chosen to lie repeatedly about anything(s) as a person paid to serve the trusting public?

Here is a fact. Education fails its consumers every time is discriminates, divides, dismisses, discounts, disempowers, "disappears", denigrates or disrespects, PERIOD. Too many certificated and paraprofessional educators and education gatekeepers have left lasting trauma and a legacy of broken human beings in their wake from making bullying, teasing, or otherwise sarcastic comments to students in front of their classmates.

For example, what Evil Queen or Despotic derelict King ever conceived of the oxymoronic classification, " Educable Mentally Retarded? Who conjured up keeping kids in classrooms inside cages? This horror was reported to me by an LAUSD teacher trainer to our class during New Hire Orientation who I presume had no reason to lie to a 2018 cohort of new teachers. This also was told to the author by a trainer of NPA/BIIs in 2016; again, in hindsight, this was serious "red flag foreshadowing to many of the horrors of ignorance I witnessed first-person from the time I first set foot in Southern California's economically and racially segregated public school systems.

Is there another, wealthier, and powerful set of maltreated educational consumers in the USA of 2022? Yes. They are the micromanaged, overscheduled, and chronic anxiety disordered and substance-using A+ students who make prodigious promethian achievements in Academics, but are also at highest risk for random verbal and physically violent outbursts. Their "major influencers" co-conspirator cohort ring leaders are all those caught up the Varsity Blues Law enforcement dragnet/ scandal.

Have you ever danced with pure Evil and Cruelty in the pale Moonlight?

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.