It was also commonly known as THE AMERICAN EXPERIMENT

THEY REFERRED TO THEMSELVES IN THE WAYS OF OTHER NATIONS WITH ROYAL FAMILIES. As a matter of fact, ‘oilgarchs’(the spelling is intentionally incorrect here) and plutocrats solely focused on and singularly obsessed with unlimited power, profits, and prestige regularly passed inhumane laws against women, children, and those 60 and older. They flooded American metropolitan areas that it’s former chattel slaves and sharecroppers had escaped to and prospered within with highly addictive derivatives of historically deadly and addictive drugs. Some of the drugs were made illegal, thus maximizing profits for global and local narcotics wholesalers and ‘Black market retailers’. Note well that anything that produced continuous windfall profits for the fields of law and medicine were amazingly allowed to thrive.

The oligarchs and plutocrats infiltrated the remainder of the co-operative, collaborative, and social guilds with fiscal patronage. Such patronage became an ‘intoxicating’ and ‘mesmerizing’ addictive but legal drug. In the USA, all it took was one long, cruel, devastating civil war and multiple ‘smaller deadly armed conflicts’ at regular intervals, intentionally not healing sickness and disease*, and or propagandizing fear, hatred, vengeance, and jealousy/envy/willful ignorance and vindictiveness to browbeat the masses of people into a miasma of despair, depression, and hopelessness

[This is the trap politics in an Age of Extinction falls into. Is falling into. As people get poorer, they’re lured in with fantasies that nobody much will have to pay for anything, and things can go on as they were. Erasing your own tax base is one way to deal with the problem of permanently falling living standards thanks to climate change — but it’s not a very good one, because, LOL, it won’t work for very long. But it’ll work for long enough. Long enough for the demagogue. The lunatics and fanatics backing him. The bigots and supremacists who want to implode democracy. As people get poorer, they’re seduced like this — and ultimately, they turn on one another. In that process of implosion, demagogues surf the chaos, and peace, prosperity, nonviolence, equality, truth, liberty — they all become distant memories.] Note well the robust historical antecedents. for all these…

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