Good Wednesday morning, gentle readers, 4/1/2023 at 03:28 AM,PDST to be precise. Here is the text of a message I sent to a dear young thirty-something female descendant of a Pacific Rim family of USA immigrants:

Good Wednesday morning, Ah! Thanks so much for your encouragement and inspirational words yesterday. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for Kaiser Permanente, their second letter, which was basically a list of my pre-Kaiser Permanente history and things they have either therefore NEVER TREATED ME FOR, eg, Thoracic Spondylitus, or things that I was successfully treated for by demonstrably more thorough and effective Healthcare/health insurance providers, eg, Type 2 diabetes was eliminated by my work with DOTEC at Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills, was nothing I ever requested them to ever write. To be clear, all they did was take notes in conversation with me over the course of my years as a KP.ORG member over the years in Georgia and Southern California. In fact, part of the reason I escaped from Georgia after a 100% Black-owned and skin-color segregated social service agency, headquartered on the eastern coast of central Florida settled without mediation for discriminating against me based soley upon my sexual orientation and , at that time, my initial diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes. Note well their letter never mentions the viral contagions that they acknowledge they “only tested for and confirmed (ruled in) after I am on record as having reported all the chronic symptoms commonly associated with Tuberculosis for the last six months and 12 days…and counting. As we have discussed, here we are one calendar week post positive test results with no treatment plan or prescription for basic antibiotics that the “FINAL RESULT — ! Moderate growth Klebsiella pneumoniae, Heavy growth Normal upper respiratory flora isolated ! ORAGANISM — Klebsiella pneumoniae!” as stated on my medical record portal, KP.ORG, as of Friday/Saturday April 8/9. Ironically, I discovered this was actually on Kaiser’s internal computer system view of my medical record on Thursday, April 6, the day the nurses saw something that scared both of them on my medical record, told me they could not tell me about (the positive test results for tuberculosis) and would need to go check-in to Urgent Care for an MD (who turned out to be BEAIVANA CABALLERO IBARRA NP- just below an MD on the iatrogenic medicine food chain, but eligible to be…

Vernon Nickerson TCHR-of-im(perfect)/perfectHRMNYS

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