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How I spent my 65th Birthday over six decades and 5 years ( to the day) AFTER THE NEW YORK TIMES front page banner headline was : “CONGRESS CONSIDERS LEGISLATION TO SEND NEGROES BACK TO AFRICA ON CRUISE SHIPS”*

BREAKING NEWS FROM the “LinkedIn” community:

👍🖖🌎🌍🌏☮️ I have been on a series of calls with UCLA HEALTHCARE and LA CARE since 7:00 am PDT. I have been on with LA CARE @ 1:45:51 seconds…

5:41 pm PDT update. Turns out they only obtained my medical records May 7, 2024. So despite them not providing a complete physical when I came under @UCLA HEALTHCARE in January 2024, no prostate exam, amongst other things, no one has bothered to familiarize themselves with my history in order to provide ANY CONTINUITY OF CARE. Today it took six hours of advocacy and 5 months waiting to begin being seen for medically necessary and potentially life saving care just to have LA CARE and UCLA Healthcare Medical Records say " There were LOTS of pages, Mr. Nickerson." And just like that, any trust and or confidence that the licensed and regulated care providers are attempting to " FIRST, DO NO HARM" was vaporized. Sadly, I now question if it ever existed within Kaiser Permanente, UCLA Healthcare and, MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, LA CARE ( as people in California reading this may already know, LA CARE is the ADMINISTRATOR approved by COVERED CALIFORNIA to offer both providers to…



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