How the ‘mens’organization’ Enrique Tarrio, Stewart Rhodes, and former ‘Pope’ Dante Nero led makes an epic example of everything…

How the ‘mens’ organization’ Enrique Tarrio, Stewart Rhodes, and former ‘Pope’ Dante Nero led makes an epic example of everything wrong with all organized religions/spiritual communities, to wit;

They want all your loyalty, in perpetuity; they literally and figuratively want your very last dime. In the end, they will not return phone calls.and ‘fuggetabout’ virtual and or home pastoral care support visits; you are on your own.

They could have chosen interdenominationalism , collaboration, and co-operation to provide food, shelter, and build communities ending homelessness and hunger as a universal response to COVID-19. THEY DID NOT MAKE THIS CHOICE.

They could have easily renounced racism, slavery (human trafficking), gun violence, police brutality/murder of unarmed suspects, at a minimum. They could have chosen to challenge eugenicists to sign on to such a renunciation. THEY DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THESE CHOICES.

LEGIONS of very profitable and incorporated ‘non-profits’ and ‘not-for-profits’ could have jump-started a long overdue transfer of wealth from the 10% to the 90%. The larger and more powerful, such as the Holy Roman Catholic Church and Judiaca (in its many forms — Orthodox, Observant, Non-obseverant(culture-respecting, tradition-practicing), Reformed, Black, etc.) could have made a groundbreaking joint presentation before the UN General Assembly. Not to be outdone, for they can be a prideful bunch of mostly men and some women, the USA Clergy could have endorsed the initiative and immediately begun such ‘sharing of the common-wealth’a few months ahead of the UN event. THIS SET OF CHOICES CAN STILL BE MADE; HINT- HINT-HINT…

Now let us consider our three anti-heroes. Two are BIPOC, only one is OG-MC. I suspect all three have some trauma involving alcohol, drugs, and sex in their timelines, given their drunken frat boy origins and homophobic rants; yes HYPER-masculinity, HOMO-phobia, and WAY-TOO-MUCH testosterone, the Proud Boys Trifecta. Oh how I wish this would be taken as a cautionary tale to get some Pastors to start delivering pastoral care to their male parishioners and institute vows of celibacy from all female and or male congregants they are not legally married to; a real pipe dream on my part, I duly admit.

Vernon Nickerson TCHR-of-im(perfect)/perfectHRMNYS

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