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vice president mike pence and second lady karen pence
Karen Pence Is Playing the Mother of All Long Games

Full disclosure: other than paying Spectrum and Verizon, I accessed this story for free. It was like a creepy Time Travel Machine back to when people who sincerely believed all people were not equal and knew that they knew that they knew that they really only wanted their God's best for fellow Evangelical Christian and apparently exclusively pink-skinned heterosexual-male-dominant-heads-of-household.

And yet, they have quietly, consistently, and therefore powerfully hitched their family's wagon to POTUS45 and VPOTUS45. Fascinating. Stunning. Gobsmacking. But above all, true, consistent and perfectly reasonable.

All of this is why they will never want everyone on the planet to co-exist in a world that works for all of it's inhabitants. And why that last sentence perfectly illustrates why they can never be successful leading one of the most diverse nation. Particularly the USA, of, by, and for WE, THE PEOPLE, UNITED, TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION.

VPOTUS45 has never demonstrated common cause or solidarity with all existing varieties of homo sapiens. If we have learned anything from the COVID19 nightmare, we are reminded every single day that, as the article dwells upon, all of his tenure boiled down to a " long game to be a "future draft choice" for President. May Mike Pence and his sheep safely graze back home in Indiana. Thank you for your service on 1.6.2021. Now just kick back and enjoy your retirement as your services are no longer needed.


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