"I Do Not Believe Herschel Walker is Dumb." said the Schoolcoach to Roland S. Martin, owner of Black Star Network


Well, actually, Roland S. Martin, Mr. Walker is a person with a history of psychiatric illness. He is being marketed and promoted to the Georgia electorate by some wealthy and politically powerful fascist anarchist racist and-- wait for it...willfully ignorant white people. Rather than go for the way too easy dismissive stereotypical labeling of "STUPID/ DUMB/slow of speech/ etc. Why not be directing time, energy, and resources to rescue a fellow human being? Meanwhile, why not simultaneously, relentlessly report on the governance, social welfare, education, affordable housing, public safety, and ecological sustainability concerns that the registered-to-vote Georgians actually have? Voila! None of those things-- which can actually engage and galvanize the electorate (!hint!hint!)-- are as fantastic and irrelevant as sideshow conversations with white male evangelicals already made impotent and irrelevant by their choice to be silent. In the judgemental first, last, and always Christian-evil-twin evangelical communities SILENCE: we lost almost 1 million fellow human beings to COVID19, millions were plunged into unemployment, evicted from affordable housing, and millions of human beings from vulnerable populations suffered rejection/maltreatment from Thanksgiving of 2019 to the Present Day- 3.17.22. Why continue to feature the fanatical and sociopathological religious right one-second longer on your platform?

Why isn't /why aren't the platform owners dictating your agenda of what stories get featured? Oh snap! Your coverage IS DRIVEN BY THOSE WHO PROFIT IN SOME WAY-- whether Herschel Walker lives or dies, wins or loses--- those who profit regardless of outcome(s) drive the narrative as long as Corporate Cannibalistic Capitalism is "required(?)" to be King.

And that's when I decided a more direct outreach to make a difference was in order.

Dear Herschel Walker:

We share a family surname and skin color. I am blessed to be a Walker through my mother's father, Willie Walker, Sr. of Bessemer, Alabama. I believe my maternal grandfather was born and raised in or near Greensboro, Alabama. Willie Walker married Annie Mae Thompson, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The third and no less important thing we share is a family-friend connection with the state of Georgia. North Georgia is where I obtained the bulk of my teaching experience after licensure in Minnesota ( k-12, Social Studies). I think they based that upon my MA in Theology with a concentration in Pastoral Counseling from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA.

Arriving at my friend Scott Mitchell Pitts' downtown Atlanta loft in the spring of 1995, if memory serves, I landed a long-term substitute position at a private pre-school in Buckhead, GA. I had a class of 4-year-olds. I also was their van driver on swimming and field trips. From 1995 until my return to So Cal in 2005, I had what I now look back on as the best third act ( of career reinvention/ transition) possible at that time and under my unique circumstances as an essential part of God's Creation-- and let us always remember God called 100% of what we enjoy today-- Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy-- good.

Fun Bible fact: There are more than 530 different translations of the entire Bible available for free on the Bible Gateway App. That is only because I stopped counting at 530, by the way.
That being said, I am the sibling/cousin of every human being on Planet Earth. Planet Earth is the only home I have ever known in this plane of existence,i.e., it's what I know best, for better and or for worse, for richer, for poorer, until through transition ( death) do us part. Based on my understanding of all I have read, engaged, and thought about my theology, God put us all here together to figure out how to share after being given everything we need to succeed together, stronger. Human beings are never truly alone and always stronger together.

All that being said, I know without knowing fully why the people funding and staffing your campaign DO NOT mean anyone sharing what ME AND YOU share in common cause ANY EARTHLY GOOD. You need 100% moral, ethical, unbought, and unbowed support (to be identified) in order to be a viable candidate in the upcoming GA US SENATE race. They, i.e., your 100% moral, ethical, unbought, and unbowed supports (to be identified) need to acknowledge your verifiable accomplishments-- before, during, and after your iconic athletic career in team sports. The sole focus for your 100% support team should be how your skillset qualifies you to lead all Georgians- regardless of their skin color, chosen religion or other affinity groups, whether they claim allegiance to none, one, or multiple political parties, homeless or affordably housed, fully ambulatory or paraplegic and everything in between, sexual orientation, sexual expression, etc.

Frankly, as far as your claims and your favorite Biblical translations are concerned, the electorate assesses your speech by 100% of your behaviors, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. What you do, who you help by what you do, who they then go out and help ( or harm) matters
99.99999% (Repeating) more than everything/anything you have to say.

Readers Digest Version of this essay:
Remember, only what you do for Jesus Christ, Son of The Living God, will last.

There's more, Cousin Herschel Walker, but, like all things worth having and using for good, those things require your commitment of time, energy, and finances. I recommend a minimum of 1.5 hours/ day for 30 days. I offer 49 years of schoolcoaching experience-- and 62 years of life experience 111 years combined, and counting.

If you really and truthfully want to be Team Georgia’s leader in the US SENATE, I am sure you will connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook (Vernon Nickerson Schoolcoach). All details and ways to connect are at my FB storefront.
What is the one truth you can tell that will lead Team Walker to victory?

Cousin Vernon

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



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Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.