Imagining and Narrating News in a World that Works for Everyone

Under-reported STEP 1 : Rebuilding Perennially Violated Trust of the pink-skinned tribes in the United States of America

Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill gave $4 billion to Black farmers, but conservatives pushed back. Here’s the history of how the USDA mistreated Black farmers for hundreds of years and how we can change it going forward. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow

00:00:04 and following: Listen closely to their words. You may need to rewind to realize The Daily Show has broken the story of the century: Fox News pundits’ vociferous attempt to specifically block financial assistance that could secure food supply chains and guard against food shortages. All this comes at a time when it is optimal for the planet to begin to feed itself with locally grown foods, farmed sustainably in neighborhood and community gardens. As we have learned through the pandemic, when industrial farming systems trade convenience for nutritional value and environmental recovery, we all lose. Equity of opportunity and access to markets for all farmers means those least supported by farm subsidies must be given a dependable funding stream to complete the shift to sustainable agriculture and food supply chains as infrastructure that gives universal access to fresh fruits and vegetables with a marked decrease in meat and fish consumption begins as micro plastics are purged from the food chain. Once the competitive, command-and-control emphasis on profits before people ended with the global rejection of capitalism after global peace was achieved, it was clear that Fox News and its dog-whistle race-men-and-race-women pink-skinned commentators had broadcast their final shows and their network shut down in the public interest ahead of the end of the 2020 fiscal year. “So much massive and nonviolent global change is a very good thing.” - shadow grandchild of Martha Stewart interviewed on NWO Extra!

Active discrimination, systemic de-funding, no major protest until 1996! These Black farm families have been patient, compliant and died younger and in greater numbers for centuries. This is a mistake that white people made, are making and must be stopped from continuing to make. Having been handed a planet with abundant resources, pink-skinned males in positions of power and control seek to hoard and then criticize anyone who calls them out for greed and hoarding resources and arable land. Chief among the 2021 robber baron farmers is Bill Gates; quiet as it is kept on purpose, he owns Industrial farms in every state in the lower 48 states, at a minimum.

Ending prejudice and hate is in the public interest. Not in the interest of the 1%-ers who need neither our time, money, interest or attention. We need to only engage with them in a direct way that you work with the perennially untrustworthy. One must be constantly vigilant when dealing with human heirs of the God Loki— masters of mischief, seduction, and distraction/entertainment. That’s about the lowest common denominator between everyone with pink-skin. We, the people united to form a more perfect union, cannot trust pink-skinned people as a group, nor as a subset of any known social group. This is true regardless of how you break it down. As a sexual orientation affinity group, as a spiritual practice group, as a group of educators and or educational administrators, as a group of businesspeople and entrepreneurs, pink-skinned people often go out of their way to violate trust.

This is an existential nightmare of epic proportions. It must be addressed because when a majority of POCs are perennially exploited, cheated, murdered and disappeared by a pink-skinned minority, you have a mental health crisis that will shorten the life-expectancy of any first-world nation that refuses mental health intervention and treatment while managing legal and illegal addictions via 12-step methods augmented with intensive personal coaching. IPC requires commitment and discipline to do better for a lifetime in the world outside of the treatment room and or sanctuary. Similar to public education, mental health treatment works on the 3-legged stool system service consumer, their family system, and the mental hygiene maintenance and emergency triage systems. When one of those systems is silent, willfully obtuse, and or malfunctioning, improved health is not a possible outcome and the treatments fail over and over and over again.

We can and will continue to know better and then do better based upon what we know to do better.

(C) VernonNIckersonSchoolcoach 2021. All rights reserved.


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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.