IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE BULLETIN FROM Vernon P. Nickerson, MA, Chief Schoolcoach at VernonNickersonSchoolcoach.

ATTENTION: All parents of preK to twelve-year-old students returned and or returning to school sites in the USA in 2021:***

The following social media stream is what inspired my response:
F.T.Q.: Yes, Secy.Pete is a quintessential young man with a vision. As a teacher, personal coach, and huge history nerd, I want to know about his parents and their ancestors. What did the Buttigieg clan survive that created/ allowed this Pete Buttigieg to be exactly who he is? If I had children, I would want them to go to Oxford for their graduate studies. I take a measure of pride in the USA because me, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and I share gender and tribal affiliation 🌈💜💚💛🧡❤🤎🖤💙

A.Q. : THANK YOU for THIS PUBLIC SERVICE POST! My mother was a nurse who shared stories of what Emergency Room doctors and nurses have to deal with to save back-alley and illegal abortion victims lives. Because the miracle of childbirth (s) in question happen(s) within the womb that nurtures the fertilized egg, it must be the final decision of the host of said egg(s). Birth fathers must be part of the birthing team, but are not the persons required to carry the pregnancy to term. IJS.

So sad ( and pure comedy gold😁💥). English Literacy should not still be an issue in 21st Century USA. "THEY!" do their communications such a disservice by just being too ignorant, illiterate, and or lazy to use a free online dictionary or ask someone who is literate/fluent in Standard Written American English to proofread their work.

I wish we lived in a country where someone who probably disagrees with all/ most of what they advocate, but shares the same skin color, gender, etc. would offer them free editorial assistance. Frankly, "THEY!" long ago ceased to be entertaining or worthy of engagement. It's more cruel than shooting crabs in a barrel.😥 For a fee-for-services contract to be negotiated ASAP, I would be willing to offer editorial services remotely( QWSchoolcoach@gmail.com) if anybody wants to make a referral.

If we can never have literate conversation and communications among diverse registered voters in the USA, we will eventually destroy ourselves and the only planet where we all live, move, and have our being.😥🌍🌎🌏💔❤

Pete Buttigieg with the only acceptable answer RE: "late
term abortions:"
Buttigieg: I think the dialogue has gotten so caught up on
where you draw the line that we've gotten away from the
fundamental question of who gets to draw the line and I
trust women to draw the line when it's their own health.
Chris Wallace: So just to be clear, you're saying you would
be okay with a woman, well into the third trimester deciding
to abort her pregnancy.
Buttigieg: Look, these hypotheticals are usually set up in
order to provoke a strong emotional
Wallace: It's not hypothetical, there are 6,000 women a year
who get abortions in the third trimester.
Buttigieg: That's right, representing less than ONE percent of
cases. So let's put ourselves in the shoes of a woman in that
situation. If it's that late in your pregnancy, then almost by
definition, you've been expecting to carry it to term. We're
talking about women who have perhaps chosen a name.
Women who have purchased a crib, families that then get
the most devastating medical news of their lifetime,
something about the health or the life of the mother or
viability of the pregnancy that forces them to make an
impossible, unthinkable choice. And the bottom line is as
horrible as that choice is, that woman, that family may seek
spiritual guidance, they may seek medical guidance, but
that decision is not going to be made any better, medically
or morally, because the government is dictating how that
decision should be made."

There is a 1950's film that depicts a father by himself making such a decision, on HIS own. Now in 2021, I understand that to be toxic masculinity. At a minimum, that should always have been a joint decision codified in an advance directive at the time doctors confirm a viable pregnancy.
Because a viable pregnancy is possible whenever their is heterosexual sex with penile insertion to the vagina occurs without contraception. In fact I have one former close friend who thought he and his wife had received professional neutering after their fourth child-- but still had a fifth successful full-term pregnancy.
I share these "pro life AND pro choice narratives to make a point. What follows is a rough paraphrase that compelled William Jefferson Clinton and then First-Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to fire their first US Surgeon General, Dr. Minnie Joycelyn Elders, MD. Dr. Elders suggested this is the reason that informed consent before procreative sex must be part of the public school sex education curriculum in the USA. She was before she was given a national platform to speak from. She was right when she spoke; she is still 100% correct today, Tuesday, August 31, 2021, @ 1:35 pm Pacific Time.

***In response to the criminal insanity that allows us to tolerate U.S.Governors putting children and communities at risk, LET ME BE CRYSTAL CLEAR: no one should be sending our most vulnerable and priceless-- unvaccinate-able PreK - twelve-year-old children-- into potentially deadly situations even though remote instruction legally is mandated because every child has a right for their different-abilities and or biological/cognitiveical / cognitive challenges to be accommodated in the Least Restrictive Environment, or LRE. Vulnerability to a deadly virus due to a pandemic sustained by the ignorance and mental health issues of adults is a legitimate disabling condition requiring support. You just need an attorney willing to communicate this message in language that triggers your particular school district. Best of luck! Stay safe!

Historical reference:
Minnie Joycelyn Elders is an American pediatrician and public health administrator who served as Surgeon General of the United States from 1993 to 1994. Wikipedia

Born: August 13, 1933 (age 88 years) AR

Previous office: United States Surgeon General (1993–1994)

Party: Democratic Party


Education: Philander Smith College, UAMS Medical Center

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