In other news, the LAUSD SUPERINTENDENT ALBERTO CARVALHO’S conversational ENGLISH is broken.*

There are lots of words in the article above that sound like progress is being made — and prompt more questions than answers being provided by our High-PROFILE FLORIDIAN IMPORT. For example, educators have known since the inaugural years of HEAD START that it yields better long term educational outcomes for children in families aged 3 to 5. Some reasons for consistently better outcomes — Head Start Teachers are required to make home visits and all necessary wrap-around socioemotional and or educational supports for home learning and parenting are delivered by collaborative teams: teachers, child-in-the-family counselors, special education intervention services and parental training in the HEAD START educational model that already exists [ I REPEAT MYSELF ON-PURPOSE HERE]. Yes gentle readers, in the USA and AROUND THE WORLD, WE KNOW ECE (early childhood education) works. Why are LAUSD + UTLA + SEIU99+ LACOE + BOE allowed to waste time, money, and Human Resources on unnecessary ‘innovations’ while children are aggressively denied essential educational supports? Why do LAUSD consumers allow financial decisions and most critically, the performance assessment of “the Superintendent from Ron DeSantis’ Florida” to be made in closed-door sessions? For whom and for what was Mr. Carvalho hired via a closed-door Board of Education session?

Consider the following examples of corporate doublespeak*, saying so little of consequence ( with proposed edits in [ ] following each sentence:

“The August start to the school year, it’s not going to be an issue in physical facilities, classrooms or instructional material,” said Carvalho.

[ PROPOSED translation (?) : There will be state of the art physical facilities, classrooms of 15–20 students per general education classroom ( and small class sizes to support students with exceptional (ie, special education) education needs, and every campus state-of-the-art library will serve as the resource for literacy and educational technology supports seamlessly between school-and-home.

“It’s going to be hiring the teachers and that could conceivable be the biggest…

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