Is USA IN 2022 Safe for Patricia Krenwinkel?

In 2022 USA, IF a violent offender in a crime with anti “one percenter” overtones is set free into 2022 USA, is That More Cruel, Unusual, and Unsafe for the Released Felon?

Given the horrific, heinous, and violent nature of this individual’s crimes, here are some questions that need answers:

1.) What does the individual have to say for themselves? This should be videotaped and broadcast.

2.) What are(?) were(?) the long term impacts to her cognitive and behavioral function from whatever drugs it is claimed motivated her choices and “allowed” her to be mesmerized, sexually abused, and apparently so easily directed to commit violent crimes against total strangers?

3.) Since the news article in 2022 (and other historical analysis of The Tate-La Bianca Murders) states their intention was to provoke a race war, what are the convicted felons views and beliefs about race? Specifically, do they demonstrate animosity toward human beings with skin color darker than theirs?

4.) OR, would they, like Kyle Rittenhouse, take the lives of people who look like them but may be of different cultural heritage?

5.) Can the Probation order stipulate permanent registry as a possible violent offender required in perpetuity to keep law enforcement notify of their residence and work addresses as well as intrastate and interstate travel?

If memory serves, the main thing that was unprecedented at the time was that all the victims were targeted because of their personal wealth and its attendant high public visibility. The premeditation was alleged to be to blame BIPOC as perpetrators.

6.) Why does the parole board advocate their release into a USA that is due to at least 100% of the USA’s apparent transition to a more violent, majorly depressed, and economically segregated society?

My point is as follows: at this moment, their release needs to be delayed until the USA is in full recovery from multiple profound, persistent, and pervasive sociopathy, xenophobia, and misogyny. Under current conditions, one could reasonably argue that they would be far safer remaining incarcerated than freed at this point in time. Anyplace in the USA were they would reside would be triggering, setting them up for relapse and recidivism.

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Vernon Nickerson

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