Laws of Attraction are working 24 hours/7 days per week, 365 days per year

Watch this video, with or without sound, first:

Here's a thought: Spend some of your time teaching organization and research skills by putting together with her as head researcher (seeker) her own resource book on the subject with a singular objective- making an academically rigorous curriculum 100% assessible to her peer group, 8 year olds and or ( elementary grade learners pre-K to 8th grade).

This is actually more impactful without the sound, too! Thank you project nightfall. But the other message for a couple of the instagrammers, especially" step daughter with unlocked/ unlockable bedroom door: look in the mirror and think about what you are visually communicating through your attire. What are your fantasies? hopes? desires? best case scenarios? worst case outcomes?

You must have the courage to hurt someone's feelings without exception at the first unwanted flirt. Smiles of any kind only encourage flirting. Ladies, women, females, girls Gentlemen, men, males, and boys: your NO must be loud, definite, final, and matched with your body language.

For example, I thought the guy ogling the girl was barking up the wrong tree. However, after 29 years of chosen celibacy and 15 months of mandated social isolation and social distancing and mask wearing, if he did that to me, I would have responded with " Hello, can I help you find what you're looking for?", and a smile.Especially if there were no women in our shared space. See, where I am with what I am wearing makes a difference.

In my younger days, while drunk and horny, even a bathroom make-out session makes perfect sense. So I rarely consume alcohol in public spaces and then only in co-ed settings. My logic? The more chance of a raging homophobe or racist " in disguise" the more hyper vigilant I will become.

Justly or unjustly, 2020 election results woke me to the fact that about 50% of white folks I randomly encounter do not want to be in a shared space with me. Sad truth, but manageable.

This new " 50/50 Rule" is today more true than ever. Why? Because to some extent, we are all like prisoners newly released after 1 or more years of solitary confinement= overdue for authentic human connection of any kind. I am always hungry for good conversations. If you speak to me kindly, I will respond happily, as long as you wish. IJS BE MINDFUL/ STAY AS SAFE AS YOU WISH TO BE.

As you wish. Stay mindful of that phrase. Be mindful what fantasies are always possible. As. You. Wish.





STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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