Lea Salonga: One Woman Show Brings back THE MESSAGE FROM MISS LENA HORNE: RACE NEVER MATTERS BECAUSE TALENT ALWAYS ENDURES. And that’s why We Can Never Go Back to Before!

One enchanted evening, I played the "orginal" I Could Have Danced All Night, from the movie version of My Fair Lady. Marni Nixon was the "voice"; the "image" -- the uber talented actress Miss Audrey Hepburn. The Supreme example of "A Summative Assessment as a Story of the Typically Superior Vocal Talents of Women of Color on Broadway" is at the heart of Miss Lea Salonga.

This led me to : https://youtu.be/wHdtwKCGzZU. The video producer features first: Ms. Lea Salonga as Fantine, then the Les Miserables epic and Oh So White Reunion. Now, channeling the Production Team as Artist and Artistic Director, our own great singer-actress-civil rights activist, Miss Lena Horne , had made the same point decades earlier, in her Epic, Once-in-a-lifetime One Woman tour de force, LENA HORNE: THE LADY AND HER MUSIC.

Next, IL DIVO: A Musical Affair - Hamburg, 13. October 2014 gifted me with a bon mot of male pulchritude with the same theme and Player's Player Ms Lea Salonga, in every heterosexual female's ultimate fantasy covering " Its Time To Say Goodbye.

So, what I propose for this Sametime, Next Year is Ms. Lea Salonga, Ms. Cynthia Erivo, Ms. AUDRA ANN McDONALD , Ms. Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Ms Loretta Devine, in concert entitled: Lea Salonga: One Woman Show Brings back THE MESSAGE FROM MISS LENA HORNE: RACE NEVER MATTERS BECAUSE TALENT ALWAYS ENDURES. And that's why We Can Never Go Back to Before! - A TWO NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA. The Second Night being an ENCORE! From Miss LEA SALONGA: https://youtu.be/Ll4M8xrzqqo. In 2021, I, Maestro Impresario Vernon Prescott Nickerson would debut his 21st Century engenue, the flowing, flowering, shimmering, differently-abled diva, Ms. SHEILA MACUTAY! Her Day Job: Chief Coach for Rhythm and Vocal Performance: A VIRTUAL ASYNCHRONOUS WORKSHOP from VernonNickersonSchoolcoach.

Now to close and make my point sharp enough to slice through frozen "Butta , bitter/sweet. I will have come, NOT TO PRAISE CEASAR, BUT TO BURY, ONCE AND FOR ALL, THE SINGLE MOST ENDURING SYSTEMICALLY RACIST TROPE " SORRY, YOUR NOT THE RIGHT RACE FOR THE PART!" ITS BEEN PROVEN A GOD DAMN LIE!, AMERICA!

MUST I REALLY EARN A Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University to prove this point and celebrate the defense of my Doctoral Dissertation at the same time? Yes! Completely Yes!
Play us out! MS SHEILA MACUTAY! And MS LEA SALONGA IN PERFORMANCE AT RAVENNA and then, on to Reunion PERFORMANCE AT WOLF TRAP, on Tour in 2022 with an Opening Night Gala Extraordinary EXTRAVAGANZA on the MINNIE MOUSE MAINSTAGE AT DISNEY WORLD in Orlando, Florida. Now joined by the Asian Pacific Islander who originated the Bearded Lady in "The Greatest Showman.

Then picking up Brandi! at Tyler Perry's Oprah Winfrey Theater, before stops in Dollywood, TN and Dallas /Ft. WORTH, TX ( feat. A Pre/Post show Tiny Desk concert simulcast by NPR with The TurtleCreekChorale and The Dallas/Ft.Worth Mass Choir and supported by The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra under the baton of Sir Wynton Marsalis.

The touring company, now led by Executive Producer/ Creative Director Brian Stokes-Mitchell will end its Inaugural Run with one night stands at Redrock Amphitheater in Colorado, and Mama Mia! The Musical Theater, Rhythm and Vocal Performance MECCA-ON-STEROIDS - THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL. DR. VERNON PRESCOTT NICKERSON dedicates this launch of his Second Retirement Career, Executive Produced by his Longtime Partner and muse, Jason Moses Hall. This ending that is a beginning https://youtu.be/Rxxxi7mjSIE will be dedicated to Ms. Annie Mae Walker, and her progeny, A.K.A., "Sistah's Tres! : Sadie Mae Walker Nickerson,R.N.- GDI, Johnnie Walker Alexander,B.S.R.R.N., and CARRIE! CELIA WALKER BANTY. Tonight, days ahead of what I expect to be a dramatic hail Mary messy child birth of NewAmerica at the eve of my Bicentennial!

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2020

Vernon Nickerson 9:16 PM
Dear Masterclass: This example of Dream-casting is how you cope with and conquer your worst fears in the midst of a quadruple pandemic: HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, FASCISM, AND SYSTEMIC RACISM that may yet land the knockout punch/ be that messy, loud, bloody final push through the Afterbirth...Into the Unknown! Co-Executive Producers, Ms SHEILA MACUTAY, and
Mr.Jeff Casey, and Ms IDINA MENZEL Prior to the Opening of the Melissa Winters CPTC School of the Fine and Performing Arts in Central City Los Angeles and the Rebecca Baroma Horticulture Institute CPTC Academy in residence at the Descanso Gardens Campus.
Link 1: https://youtu.be/Rxxxi7mjSIE, Link 2: https://youtu.be/e6fFACZl24M

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2020



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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.