Mr. Jeffrey Toobin, Esq. would have us believe he understands the power of telling his truth. FREAKY FRIDAY FEROCIOUS FUN! 4U

I simply resent having to watch or listen to him as he gets his revenge pornography porn fix. And he still shows no willingness to master acceptance of logical consequences. Giving him a CNN platform is the ultimate in narcissistic sociopathic desire: Toobin has been rewarded literally for being a penis by showing him pleasuring himself before an audience that was horrified and titillated.

Note so far the apparent "no comment" that speaks volumes of Mr. Lemon and Mr. Cooper. They can just sit back, smile, and be quite truthfully condescending. Yes, those straight Jewish boys are mostly hung like horses that the world has always wanted to see, apparently.

Back in the day, one Uber Villian, a certain Adolph Hitler, slapped, cobbled, twisted together a bunch of false sciences with a dash of white supremacy. Without much fanfare, he set out to dissect and incinerate Mr. Toobin's cultural and spiritual heritage.

The Holocaust was an attempt to eliminate, nee, exterminate and or assimilate all of the Jews. Like a 2021 Senator Cruz, he almost fully realized his vision of world domination.

Yet Mr.Toobin's Return must not ever be confused with Mr. Holland's Opus. Mr. Holland, nor the actor who played him, our great Richard Dreyfus, would have never been so stereotypically a stupid adolescent oversexed male.

What Jeffrey Toobin got, what he went out in public and snatched without asking permission, was the world's undivided attention. I, like many of you will never see and or hear, Jeffrey Toobin in person or on tape without having to push, just out of focus, yet now, eternally present-- a man fondling his penis. And or, push away just the memory of any penis you have ever known and or loved and or hated and or been obsessed with and or coveted. Mr. Jeffrey Toobin on CNN is the fully engorged, and some wags will salaciously say, gorgeous! fabulous! in-your-face freak flag flying straight man.

When Jeffrey Toobin appears, there will be kind of a hush ALL OVER The WORLD.

Once, upon a time, perhaps much longer ago than we think, if you publicly humiliated your employer and cheapened a profession that is barely tolerated already, you would be terminated immediately with " extreme prejudice." Now, because Mr. Toobin has demonstrated he has an army of powerful and influential friends and family, CNN, the pioneer of the 24/7 manufacture of news with ever-larger dollops of addictive pablum, also known as propaganda, has confirmed what we long suspected after the first fantasy ending to the Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch never really died. She/HE! sold her soul to the pimp of revenge pornography. Then HE rose again till the end of days, back on CNN- as Jeffrey Toobin, narcissist anarchist in recovery from overexposure. Ewwww, YUCK!

Goodbye, CNN, our parting was truly always written in the stars and the stone. I just was sad and disappointed in the way you! kicked this long-time viewing relationship to the curb. Cnn, who?

Cnn, what? Yes, you ignorant, stupid slut, we are done! Our diva, Tyler Perry as Madea, drops the mic, or maybe throws it at Toobin, as she and the production team and the studio audience stream outside the CNN Studios around the globe.

As "Thanks for the Memories" rises in the background, a mini-movie of greatest moments in CNN history flashes across our screens in synchronicity with the music. Then, if we can get a virtual James Earl Jones to say THIS...WAS THE GREATEST SHOW TOLD and oversold, BY ONE of America's Greatest Showmen. THIS...WAS....C N N. JEJ turns out the lights, exits the studio, closing and padlocking the door. Roll end credits.

Post mortem:

Writing and publishing this opinion peace is actually the most unconditionally loving thing I could do for JTEsq. It really helped me, an incest and rape survivor, get in touch, so to speak, with what deeply offends me about Toobin's Media Persona's Second Coming.

Perhaps that is his narrative arc-- to become the pivot point of jumbo jetliner USA - USSR(?) before it crashed and disintegrated, instantly, and therefore painlessly, killing all onboard. Pretty permanently profitable way to leave a legacy, JTEsq.!


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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.