My Hero Fixes Stuff EPISODE 3A

My Hero Fixes Stuff! MHFS! NOTES FOR EPISODE 3A My Hero Fixes Stuff! MHFS! NOTES FOR EPISODE 3A: A 2022 On Education in the City that Rebuffed Alberto Carvalho… or Gifted Him to LAUSD + UTLA to defund Public Schools for the 2022–2023 School Year. That punishes LA CITY AND COUNTY for declining enrollments, just like NYC black mayor and formerly crippled by dyslexia, intermittent risk of and or actual(?) HOMELESSNESS, and end-stage Type 2(?) 1(?) Diabetes, Eric Adams. Tonights Episode: NYC mayor and what is not allowed to be said in court and must be shared across social media. BUT FIRST: A preview of the Launch of THE free-to-all Guerilla Fairies Church, coming soon to MY HERO FIXES STUFF: Our SUNDAY GOD-DEITIES ARE UBIVERSALLY IMPOTENT, PETTY, CRUEL, GREEDY, AND IRRELEVANT. They practice fear mongering, hubris and ego building, and USA- brand elitism and exceptionalism. They are centers for feel good entertainment. Then they sing a song or two or three to send folks home jacked up on adrenalin. They overeat then go to sleep exhausted and sometimes too wired without ilkegal drugs to get deep sleep. THEN MONDAY COMES, and we are bereft and cranky. TOO many church folk are hungover and resent having to crawl through morning rush hour to “put on a happy face” for their students. When one or more of my colleagues fail at such performative behaviors, why does anyone expect any student not to act out? The threat of corporal punishment or any other illogical punishment just because “ teacher says it was the student’s fault or “ it was the entire class”? Why am I getting deja vu because this provocative essay on a chronic leadership vaccuum is almost identical to what I have seen and lived for 100% of my 63 years on this Planet Earth living in a European-Colonized Imperial fabrication of a Democratic Republic a.k.a. The United States of America? How are we less than If we are NOT less than 100 days away from manifesting what Miss Oprah Winfrey’s boys have diligently manifested in directly supporting how she disdainfully through Tennessee State University under the bus after it was her father Vernon Winfrey who had successfully advocated for his daughter to receive her degree for doing less than Dr. Gregory Carr had done in one semester of his own educational journey? No one had simply reminded Oprah to simply say thank you, reflect on what her father and a BIPOC VILLAGE had done to bring her to this moment of achievement, and sit down in no more than than 10 minutes? Yes, if I were @Africana Studies, that would rub me the wrong way for a lifetime. For purposes of the future indefinite of the USA as a functioning democratic republic I offer it tonight as a reminder that whenever you REWARD POOR BEHAVIORAL CHOICES FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL LEARNER, you ONLY, EVER GET MORE POOR BEHAVIORAL CHOICES. Thank you for NO-Thing, for NOTHING(S), Ms. Winfrey. Her she is in her Montecito Estate with an “ORCHARD OF AVA-CAH- DOS, Gayle” and not giving away anything to any of her neighbors within a 200 mile radius, many of whom will soon be incarcerated, maimed, and or murdered in CA, TX, AND PA, by her behavioral choices, Phil McGraw a formerly licensed psychologist who now merely promotes and profits from a brand called “Dr. Phil” ( now also appearing as the voice of his caricature on… To Make A Difference, NYC Mayor Eric Adams became an NYPD team member. He did not get help for dyslexia until he got to college, yet he like too many OG-MC oligarchs is apparently popular with childless property and business owners by supporting cuts in public schools funding. This directly negatively impacts what NYC public schools can have to stop any child from slipping through the proverbial and legendary gaps in direct educational support services; it demonstrably harms the NYC public school students in a system that since the 50’s creates competitive admission super-schools that 100% of all NYC public school students never can access. It punishes learners and their families in the same ways USA public schools have always underserved one too many public school students. Mayor Eric Adams and City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams hold a press conference over reaching a budget deal for next fiscal year. New York City lawmakers reached a $101 billion budget deal Friday that finalizes cuts to school budgets for the 2022–2023 school year.Jun 10, 2022… 2:57 to 3:19 67% of nyc students are “ not proficient 3:58 he gets applause for a “ program” to screen for dyslexia. The bar has now officially been lowered for the remainder of his tenure by cutting school funding for NYC PUBLIC SCHOOLS. What percentage of the 67% he admits are not being educated are dyslexic? In a less than 5 minute sound bite in conversation not with a BIPOC parent, student or teacher from any of the lowest performing schools 9:22 — no one cares ( about children in foster care and or children who are dyslexic) yet no initiatives to reduce the 67% underserved to 27% in four years of his tenure- a mandated reduction baseline of 10% each year. Then his successor would have to BEGIN at reducing the 27% to zero and could accomplish that in 3 years. So seven years from now, knowing exactly what worked to drive that statistic to 0% 100% of entering students being literate avid readers and writers by second grade with in-home supports mandated for every third grade student struggling with reading becomes the baseline goal that must now be met every year, with any student not able to demonstrate by reading anything on demand at home and in their classroom gets targeted unrestricted funding to get them reading and writing the same semester the poor grade report is sent home. Note well the standards and goals are relentless and continuous. Note well the ongoing focus on raising and maintaining standards. Note also that since stop-and-start funding practices are no longer allowed outcomes and higher standards become baseline norms every semester of every child’s school year. Now, please understand that the resentment fears [ from the 19% now fully armed and weaponized] of not making ever- increasing profit become unimportant and irrelevant when their is an economic system built to support collaboration and sharing of basic resources. The mayor’s mother should NEVER have had to send her children with all their belongings out of fear they would be evicted — a process that detached the current mayor from mastering dyslexia while becoming a type 2 diabetic from an unutritious diet exacerbated by trauma and stress. TO BE CONTINUED, PERHAPS in Episode 3B… Wow, AFTER 63 years/ 50 in Education, HOW (?) WHY(?) am I Still BEWITCHED BOTHERED AND BEWILDERED?!?!… Here’s one for the distaff crew! Because a LADY SHOULD LIVE!…

My 50th Anniversary Virtual Theme and Reflection:…

Yes folks, That’s What Miracles Are Still All About…

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