Here is the song Princess Diana and i both sung, sang… and i still sing!

My soprano aunt and her alto sister in the roles of Kathy Battle and Jessye Norman. Singing about their

Sister Johnnie Walker Alexander

Lyde family, Rowe family, TROTMAN family, maybe(?) Bell family, Delta Sigma Theta family

Deacon Emeritus Willie C. Nickerson

Rev. Dr. Albert Prince Rowe, and the St. Marks AME minister they shared in 2015.

Meanwhile, I can sing both parts, on pitch, and my list is way too long!

100% of my birth-family on both sides

99.999% of


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Spiritual Fellowship members as follows : American Baptist Convention, National Baptist Convention, Disciples of Christ, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Independent Baptist, Roman Catholic Church,Catholic Jesuit order, Unitarian Universalists, Southern Evangelical Christian, Vineyard Christian Fellowship(ie, the charismatics), Exodus International, Agape International Living Center, Science of Mind, The Cabin On the Mount (a joint venture of Fuller Theological Seminary and Graduate School of Psychology), seventh-day Adventists, and all the variants of Judiaca 9including but not limited to Orthodox, Observant, ‘obtuse-and-obstreperous’, Non-observant, Progressive, Reformed, Kabbalithic, and all Jewish Homo sapiens left out unintentionally by this author

The difference between HRH Princess of Wales as depicted in THE CROWN and DENIAL: ‘SO MUCH MORE THAN A RIVER IN EGYPT — VERNON PRESCOTT NICKERSON’S FIRST PERSON HISTORICAL NOVELLA. AS ORIGINAL NARRATIVE’ and its companion book of poetry, ‘PAIN POINTS’ (written ahead of the larger work with the longer as f-bomb title), are one baby boomers apologia-cum-grand design for a world that might work for all of planet earth’s inhabitants. Epic in scope, relentless and diabolical in its exquisite depiction and parody of his PanAFRICANAmerican family of origin, it took 63 years of one life painstakingly relived while the author remarkably defeated a series of deadly tormentors while all of his friends and family’s magnified homophobia nearly poisoned the author to death. Even his mother wished him D.O.A. In her womb and would, quiet as it was kept, plot with her own sisters-three to tempt him to take his own life by 1.) succumbing to peer pressure mania, 2.) contracting HIV/AIDS before drugs that worked were widely available and 3.) surviving COVID-19 AFTER being spat in the face and majorly gaslighted by a raft of D-list side gig actors and actresses with their own shady secrets to hide-in-plain-sight in THE HOTELCalifonia formerly known as THE GOLDEN (BEAR”S) STATE. HOMO SAPIENS ARE ALL ONLY EVER AS SICK AS OUR SECRETS.


Vernon Nickerson TCHR-of-im(perfect)/perfectHRMNYS

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.