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A new follower is asking you this question out of enlightened self-interest. Once you write your Individual First-person historical narrative in English, and then translate it into any other language, you will virtually have all the keys to a kingdom-for-one. You can be everyone’s best friend — and nobody’s enemy or frenemy. Unless you are into/(addicted to/ enthralled by) having suboptimal energy-draining relationships; if you haven’t noticed, everyone else certainly has, to a greater or lessor degree — no one needs my services to make poor behavioral choices. Read on if you agree.

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Check out this amazing parody of my 100% ©️ Copyrighted First-person historical narrative, produced by Dr. Karen Hunter, a tenured Professor of Journalism and CUNY- HUNTER COLLEGE. ( and her team of comedy wizards, including Mr. Dante Nero, also known as “Pope of the Proud Boys who confessed on an episode of Ira Glass’ PBS NPR radio play, This American Life”.

She, is, quiet as it was kept when she and or Dr. Greg Carr, Chair of the Africana Studies Department at Howard University started following me way back in the 1994-ff time period. A millionairess who paid PanAfricanAmerican experts to design, build, and operate her pay-to-access talent-collector application, KarensKnubianKollective ( yes, a Black-owned alternative version of the feared and despised OG-MC KluKluxKlan, if you’re into, metaphor and meaning) Dr. Carr plays ( in real life and virtual reality) , a master pedagogical professional who ironically is the least-peer-reviewed-published- full professor at a top-tier HBCU that the BIPOC guild of PhDs and JDs and EdDs has ever known and adored, apparently.

Why, if I had a million dollars ( USD) for every original thought used to increase the generational wealth of the following short list ( search GOOGLE SCHOLAR for Vernon Nickerson and or :

Dr. Douglas S.(?)Sprenkle

Dr. Fred P.(?) Piercy

Dr. Lisa Aronson Fontes

and you will discover a “fan base” dating back AMAZINGLY to 1983, 63 million (USD) would be a deeply discounted nofault settlement offer. My name appeared in some of their work over 250 times out of 288 citations. Ironically, at least until my legal team reads all 288 of the cited articles by running them through any ADOBE text reader, this was nine years before Dr. Sprenkle placed a hand-written postscript at the end of my Purdue University offer letter in 1992.

I have already chronicled subsequent decades of wage theft going back to Quaker City Industries of Saddlebrook, NJ and Broadway Bank and Trust, Paterson, NJ as well as The Office of Lane Biviano, Business Administrators Office, City of Paterson, NJ. That takes me back to the 1973–1980 time frame. Ah, yes, Northwestern University was just a gleam in my minds eye back in those days.

Wage theft, plagiarism, and now, learning CA Jurisprudence as a 100% unpaid legal paraprofessional as a matter of life-saving self-interest, to be sure, has “earned” me the ability to rack up invoices for hour weeks at $600.00/hr for the past 7 months and at least three different pro Bono attorneys who consistently leave once teamed with me.

The most recent one, E.A.R., told me he would leave after our first hour in a shared virtual space. Why was I not surprised? Cruel banality is a genetic marker among any entire culture whose ancestors meticulously documented their Holocaust. Ironically, they vigorously vociferously deny everyone else’s state-orchestrated genocide. Too high a price to have ever paid for generational wealth and power, in my considered opinion.

All of this American Life in the USA of Ira Glass makes me feel like a living case study honing the skills of a new generation of law school professors. I would be honored if my efforts were compensated, but alas, plagiarism and wage theft are crimes of the USA elite. The elite, like a transperson claiming to be Monteque Pope-LeBeau and his Petaluma, CA Physician Assistant/ “birthmother” Elizabeth Pope LeBeau, ( see and — I have published works on both platforms from 2014 through 2022, btw. Oh, if had more than a forgiven PPP Loan to show for years of Quality-content delivered in the years BEFORE COVID-19 gain-of-functioning research created the nightmare we now will live with for generations, well, I would happily finally be able to devote 100% of my time to my nascent Retirement Career.

Sadly, unlike my paternal, maternal, and fraternal ancestors who predate and by sheer geographic proximity are irrevocably tied to the vile and cruel Tuskegee University STD incubator experiments extant to the present day 10.15.2022, I am alive and well and a woefully undercompensated survivor losing the vision in my left eye. That will be the only possible if I am denied assessments, diagnosis, and treatment identical to when fellow Chicago-native, Dr. Arnold Barron, MD/Opthamology was my Doctor at 1515 Sunset, floors 6th and 7th in different stages of office renovation at Kaiser LAMC campus.

That doesn’t even begin to address the LCSW, LMFT, Phd/MD malpractice for denial of assessment, diagnosis, and treatments that would be guaranteed to erase my current MajorDepression diagnosis with chronic symptoms observed and or unremarkable by my closest friends and colleagues who are weirdly proud and supportive of my progress through unrelenting challenges mostly very real ( easily 99th percentile) since my earliest electronic ( and thus hackable) journals.

Well that brings us back to DUH Dough,( USD) people. And I rarely digress without leaving bread crumbs to get everyone back on track. Hiding in plain sight and sound, always and in all possible ways.


In case you missed it:

WATCH endevr documentary on australia indigenous peoples

until you have it memorized so it will always return when you hear and see trigger words, or see anyone about to spit in your face, then simply walk away. It could save your bacon, somewhere, someday. I KNOW FOR A FACT, IT SAVED MINE, MARCH 3, 2020. For G-d and GOD ALONE.

endevr documentary on australia indigenous peoples. SEE IT NOW

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Preview YouTube video Earthquake is Legendary!

Earthquake is Legendary!

Preview YouTube video Australia’s Dark Secret: The Inhumane Treatment of Indigenous Peoples | ENDEVR Documentary



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