My Hero W.H.O. surviving Cruelty in 2022

We begin with a defintion of what lies at the center of every harm that has ever been done in the USA, by the USA and to inflict unecessary pain on human beings. You see, it is 4:23 am Pacific on Thursday 10.27.2022 here in the Valley Glen Neighborhood of Van Nuys, CA 91401, I have been up since 1:28 am cleaning up a “Hazmat” situation of toxic grey water pumped up into my double kitchen sink and covering the kitchen floor, and the two drawers adjacent to the sink, one is the silverware drawer, the other is for kitchen gadgets. Currently the next level of floor cleaning, the disinfectant stage, is in process as I write. Today will see the boiling of water to disinfect the dishes and utensils covered in greywater with dead Japanese-German hybrid flying-biting cockroaches. Yes, it looks and smells a gruesome as I have intentionally attempted to make it sound.

Unfortunately, as I told the LAPD and the Kaiser-Permenente advice nurse, an R.N. named Mary, the event is only the latest in a series of apparently 100% legal in California landlord harassment techniques applied because it makes more money for the plaintiffs to 22VEUD00854, MJW Investments/Hi-Desert Mobile Home Park and their Latinix support staff to harass and intimidate senior citizens living with physical disabilities and the after-effects of surviving COVID-19 back in March of 2020 than to simply admit they are selling the property and want to negotiat relocation expenses. This began, as I now know, the day I happily moved into this unit 11.14.2020.

I was happy, having finally “escaped” from another slumlord property unfit for human habitation in Edgemont, the re-gentrified moniker for South Central Los Angeles. Amazingly, a PanAfrican former LAHSA Housing Attorney and her mater familias of the Lightner/Beaird clan were listed as owners on the lease I signed on my birthday, 05.13.2020. The younger of the two owners, universally disliked by all of my wonderful mature Pan African neighbors ( who conversely spoke highly of the attorney’s parents) had stated the carpets had been steam cleaned. Yet, when I purchased a Hoover brand steam cleaner with Hoover cleaning fluids, the rinse water was as ‘solid black” as the logo circles — after seven consecutive days of cleaning/drying/cleaning, etc. What one of my neighbors told me was that their crack-addicted former girlfriend was the previous long-term tenant. Lesson 1 for Los Angeles renters, THE CONCEPT OF INFORMED CONSENT IS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE LANDLORD AND NOT EVER MANDATED BY EXTANT LAW. To the credit of her Washington, DC handyman, he literally ran down the street after his boss has attempted to renege on the second of two relocation payments, I was sure I had escaped to a market-rate apartment operated by a large property management corporation. ( As I write, recall how the USA now understands the complete term has really always been, Corrupt, Corporate Cannibalistic Corporate entities, Inc. and or LLC ( limited liability corporation).

That brings us to LESSON 2 for Los Angeles County and City renters, the quality of our limited water supply is regulated, not mandated with force of LAW ( Land rights/ Air rights / Water rights). This means that once the State of California, then LADWP allowed use of toxic greywater for decorative plants and those picture-perfect lawns as seen on TV and all Hollywoodland films, property owners can and do install grey water systems and pump heavily chemically treated water through kitchen , bathroom/bathtub faucets, and commode water, legally. A byzantine collection of water regulators can only suggest getting approval from the State, County, and municipalities as well as any informed consent of renters. So, unfortunately, since no one asked if I have a deadly allergy to such exposure or maintained such systems on a minimum daily basis, my life expectancy has now been negatively impacted.

Learn to pronounce
callous indifference to or pleasure in causing pain and suffering.
“he has treated her with extreme cruelty”
lack of regard
lack of sympathy
lack of charity
behavior that causes pain or suffering to a person or animal.
“we can’t stand cruelty to animals”
behavior which causes physical or mental harm to another, especially a spouse, whether intentionally or not.
“she divorced my stepfather for persistent cruelty”

Now, when I file for a Civil Restraining Order, as I leave S-O-S messages for my Southern, Central Coast, Inland Empire and Northern California circle of family and friends-of-choice, having long ago been shunned by my biological family across the rest of the 48 contiguous states, when I spend thirty-minutes-or-so with the Advice Nurse and another thirty minutes with the very helpful Night Desk officer at the LAPD-Van Nuys office, I apply all of those terms to Partner Attorney of Davidovich/Stein, one Charles Zachary Stein, Esq. ( license # 265361). Photos and a video have, of course, already been forwarded to my Basta Law attorney of record ( my third attorney, by the way, or fourth if you count the one whose name I recieved with a note saying he was ready to serve ( but never actually materialized, in case you were wondering).

Mood music to express my fury, safely and sanely:

“C.O.G.I.C. gospel genre”. If driving long distances in light traffic, set the cruise control to the posted speed limit and the miles simply melt away.

OVER THERE, feat. the GMWA Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir

(“…where the (truly) wicked shall cease from troubling, the weary shall be at rest…”)

Now, you would be right to think at this point, Vernon, you are lucky to have an attorney. That would be the conclusion of any reasonable person in any reasonable Unlawful Detainer California Superior Court case. But here are profound suggestions of unreasonableness in this case. Most notably, the following: the Los Angeles City Ordinance augmented with a City Council- mandated COVID-19 Renter’s Rights Emergency Declaration. The original intent was to allow person’s whose financial hardships were directly a result of COVID-19 to have 12 months from the lifting of the Emergency orders to repay back rent and not be evicted. Additonal protections were in place for those like me in Rent-Controlled Units.

Unfortunately (which should be fortunately) that simply means LAUSD’s former and current Superintendents (Buetner, a Facebook friend) and Carvalho (a recent De Santis- protectorate emigre) would get to explain why their Corporation submitted easily disproven claims to the California EDD/UI department that 1.) I had never worked for them ( the 2020 holiday season claim), and 2.) that I had not resigned for health reasons ( not to mention the ADA accomodation that would have cost them $0.00 to implement but took 18 months for them to be bullied/corralled into a Zoom meeting by my beloved School Site Supervisor Melissa Winters and her two Vice-Principals, Ms. Chow and Ms. (Alva Warren) along to witness the very grudging compliance of two OG-MC Ed.D.s. The shorter, bottle-blond-Chanel-suit-wearing one memorably opined, in response to a “good afternoon” greeting from this author, “Well, we’re here, Mister Nickerson, because YOU made a mistake. And WE don’t ever want YOU to make that same mistake again.” The mistake — surviving COVID-19 and returning to shepherd my beloved 17–24 year old cohort and their amazing parents through the shite show that would come to be known as Virtual Instruction via ZOOM. Hey, it was so NOT MY FAULT that they had told my students and parents I had died and would not ever return.

Sometimes we go through many trials
Many disappointments and even through the fire
But when we get to heaven
We’re gonna leave this world behind us
There’ll be nothing
Nothing there to remind us
We’re gonna walk the streets of gold
In the homeland of the soul

Over there, where the wicked shall cease
from troubling
The weary shall be at rest
Saints of God go marching in
We’ll forever be blessed
Over there

Well, its 5:36 am Pacific. The sunrise is on its way. I am using my rescue inhaler again in another hour, and my home is a ice box to slow the spread of airborne toxins. Patty-cakes Pernin and Treacley-sweet traci Eagle might soon be right. Menwhile, if the Big Boys in DC, Ukraine, ROC, India, N. Korea, and or Russia and or Japan say so, the planet will learn that those Inertial Measurement Units powered by the lithium batteries whose manufacture me and teams of Civilian engineers built to work every time, perhaps we will at least all go together. True story, no matter what Holloywoodland and the Generals/Despots may say, nuclear war once begun, takes us all where some thought prematurely, only I was going to go. Impact, vaporization, earth knocked off its invisible rotational axis, nuclear winter begins ( no sunlight, no vegetation), Land (permanently poisoned), Air ( infused with radioactive materials), Water ( no longer potable), Bezos. Buffett, Branson, and Musk off to Mars. Those lawyers know how to make profits everywhere they go — even the names strung out over the universe, sound like a law firm. Preserving and protecting Land rights, Air rights, and Water rights for whatever the elite breeders may spawn.

I wish I could say the finale will begin momentarily. Voila! Said it ANYWAY!

What say you, gentle Medium readers, $120 million, $60 million, or $24,500,000? Remember according to the Genesis account, all creation was called GOOD, we say when we are not liable, it is also priceless. But what will brother Charlie Stein, the plaintiffs, LAUSD ( past and present) and the Superior Court Judge actually give for a life in service of learners and parents?

Don’t forget to vote! Stay safer than me right now, please!

© VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022.

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.