O Holy Night 1.6.2021:
Donald J. Trump helms the new Gold Standard in Real-life Reality Shows' Season Finale

So, America, for at least the past 4 years, everytime there was a Black Lives Matter protest, their was consistent reporting on what I will call "dead ringers" or "scabs". These typically were random white folks who had driven or been chauffeured to the demonstrations. Multiple times they were recorded, most of the time vandalizing businesses or parked vehicles. Typically, when they were arrested, they were fast-tracked for release. Infamously, in the case of the underage Kenosha shooter and one policemen in Ferguson, MO, hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars were donated to bail them out of jail and cover their legal expenses. All of these seditious and white or Cuban American ( fill in other groups here) terrorists gathering yesterday defacing our US Capitol and terrorizing the US Congress and other civilians to prevent them from certifying POTUS46/ VPOTUS46.

It has been reported across multiple platforms that a woman was shot dead at the Capitol. There is also a video of an angry white female who apparently had the presence of mind to video-record a technically flawless rant while driving to DC. It is offered online as the deceased protester’s final words.

She hit all the Trumpian GOP points. If it was intentioned as terrorist propaganda and fear mongering, it struck me as a woman in obvious pain and distress and an explicit cry for psychotherapeutic intervention. And for one full news cycle, star/ producer/director/writer-tweeter Donald J. Trump monopolized the world's attention with a real-life livestreamed attempt to overthrow the elected legislators of the US Government and other civilian support staff. These people were merely attempting to do their jobs.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 continues it’s death march around the globe. I will leave it to the Behavioral Economists to calculate the number of surviving friends and family members of the 330K dead who are in various stages of grief and loss. Meanwhile, for the sake of an economy that doesn’t support or improve the lives of 99% of Americans, it is likely that the majority of grieving survivors continued to act as if things were " normal" and have returned to their jobs, perhaps.

So America, if we are not going to prosecute any of the terrorism, Federal property damage, and law enforcement complicit in allowing the damage; if there is to be no investigation of the alleged homicide, at a minimum, we must demand mandated and monitored mental health treatment for every single armed and severely tantruming miscreant involved in yesterday's production.

The first ones to claim they were following POTUS45 and or any known domestic hate group need to be the first ones detained and treated. All the talking heads who attempt to minimize, rationalize, or defend the miscreants must be required to prove their claims in a court of law and be subject to investigation by the FBI and or Homeland Security.

Dear President-elect Biden and the incoming US Congress, we must know and watch each and every participant in this criminal mega- magazine event. Why? If for no other reason than to track the next " new wave" of COVID-19. This wave will be the direct result of the COVID-19 saliva cloud that may have been an unintended/intended outcome. An outcome straight from the mentally ill mind of POTUS45 as he continues to decompensate for all the planet to see and or be entertained.

#sedition2021 #impeachwithextremeprejudice
To be Continued...

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021



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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.