Oh why have we woven such a tangled web, America?
Especially when it comes to a Nationwide vaccination effort with no universal Nationwide program.

[a very special Valentines Weekend interactive essay]

Here I engage with 2 back-to-back Social media posts. [My comments are within brackets [ example] .
Questions: Any suggestions on the best ways to get in line and identifying ways some people may be eligible for the vaccine and not know it? [THIS ANSWER COULD BE DIFFERENT IN EVERY STATE.]

This answer could be different in every state. Let's start by following protocol.

[PROTOCOL equals a Nationwide vaccination effort with no universal Nationwide program.]

Review the photo/charts about current eligibility in various states (source: NY Times). Proceed accordingly.

Next, learn about important exceptions [in a Nationwide vaccination effort with no universal Nationwide program].

Here are several examples. In 43 states and DC, occupation-based vaccination programs include non-medical workers, such as police officers, grocery store employees or others at high risk of job-based exposure. At least 27 states and D.C. are allowing some teachers to get shots. In Mississippi, you can get the vaccinate with a note from your physician at her/his discretion. Texas and other states are allowing distribution of vaccine in the event that it would otherwise be wasted (because it must be used within a defined timeframe of being unsealed). Certain states are allowing folks from other locations to get vaccination. NY provides vaccines to companions bringing in nursing home residents and elders for the shots. There are enough exceptions that you should believe you qualify for one!
[ Belief!, " Shoulds!" Okay, when scientists are using the language of fantasy, command and control - should do, could do, etc. we are basically truly screwed and the jig , any jigging, is impossible. Beliefs alone may or may not produce positive health outcomes. ]

The point is don't be passive. I recommend calling your local, county and state department of health daily and other distribution sites to see if vaccine is available.
[Will anyone answer? Can I leave a message? Will anyone call me back? Can I wait outside with no bathrooms, food, or seating for 8 hours or more - with an appointment]?

Call your physician to determine if your health status or situation warrants him/her advocating for you to get to the head of the line.
[Will anyone answer? Can I leave a message? Will anyone call me back? Can I wait outside with no bathrooms, food, or seating for 8 hours or more - with an appointment]?
It's your safety. Be empowered in protecting it.[ Welcome to COVID in America in 2021: God Bless the Child that's got their own! In God we Trust, ALL OTHERS PAY CASH!]

#-Knowledge Is Health #-Health Self Empowerment

Then in the very next post:
We're making rather impressive progress on the COVID-19 vaccination front. Here are 3 quick (sets of) facts for your information (source: CDC).

1. About 33.8 million people have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. About 10.5 million people have been fully vaccinate, representing just over 3% of the population.

2. On average, about 1.56 million vaccine doses are now being given per day.

3. The federal government has delivered about 66 million doses to states, territories and federal agencies. At the current pace (and assuming availability),[ WHEN YOU KEEP SAYING WE ARE ASSUMING AVAILABILITY and my reality is an ongoing shortage of vaccines, YOU ARE MAKING AN ASS OUT OF ME ...AND YOU.] half of the US will be vaccinated by June 30th and nearly all by mid-November.[ assuming no shortages, yet there are shortages]

Push to get in line; you may be eligible and not know it.
[Anything suggesting I do anything implying aggression in interactions with white folks when over 50% of them are armed, angry, and would prefer I was dead is A HARD NO FLIPPING WAY!]

Meanwhile, (double) mask up and maintain your distancing. [ As if I must now double my mask budget allowance ( unfunded mandate, let's be clear). As soon as I can afford it, I will buy a couple of the washable, plastic no- glasses- fogging masks and be done with it].

More than 469,000 American have died from COVID-19. Don't get left behind. [ Whoa, Nellie!?!? exactly when didn't I ( a 99%-er) get left behind in America? AMERICA = LAST IN MANAGING successfully COVID-19 and first in spread of original and all covid-19 known mutations and still FIRST IN DEATH. Again with the assumption that I can overcome a circumstance that was never in my control. Our lockdown should have begun with Thanksgiving week of 2019. Manufacturing infrastructure should have been re-purposed for personal protective equipment and once masks distributed to every household, required for all trips from the safety of our homes. If China had shared data early, vaccine development could have been a priority before ChineseNewYear travel surge] Stay safe.

[We need Valentines Day observances precisely because we have never yet unconditionally loved each other and our planet.]

#-Knowledge Is Health #-Health Self Empowerment

Proposed priorities/ solutions:

1. An officially declared War on COVID with the US Surgeon General named its Commander in Chief who sits as a member of US Cabinet until the crisis is over and we have a cure.
2. Massive open and assessible economic assistance ASAP.
3. An 18-month ban on all aspirational marketing and "reporting" on lifestyles of the rich and famous. Move everyone to use the Internet to find the information and products they may need. Put the marketers and behavioral economists to work de-programming conspiracy theory worshippers, racists, misogynists, ageists, sexists, etc.

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