Paying it Forward: A Review of Looking Glass Childrens' Services

Overall Rating* FOUR STARS out of FIVE
Are you a current or former employee?

Last Year at Employer*: 2018

Employment Status*: Full-time ( regular academic year and ESY ( summer school)

Your Job Title at LGCS
Behavior Interventionist

Review Headline*
If Only I Could have had my supervised hours count towards BCBA, I Might Be POTUS45s One-on-One Today!

1.) Annual Paid training
2.) Potential for year-round work if your client attends ESY (summer school)
3.) Excellent training in collaborating with your Primary customer groups: 1.)Your client, 2.) Classroom Teachers and paraprofessionals and 3.) Client's Parents

My ProTip: focus exclusively on 1. ) and 2.) and 3.) Will LOVE YOU FOREVER!

In my 48th year as an Educational Entrepreneur, I can say unequivocally, I found no cons working for Ms. Christine Anderson and her team ( Admin staff and Supervisory/Training staff). Unfortunately, a tightly regulated market commanded and controlled by Machiavellian and Byzantine Public School Districts controls compensation for all NPA’s such that none of them can pay a living wage in the local Los Angeles City/County marketplace. To move out of my vehicle and into housing perennially unfit for human habitation, I had to accept a full-time SPED teaching position and apply, test, and be "accepted" into LAUSD’s iCAPP ( district Intern Program). That waking nightmare will be the subject of a separate review. The compensation "glass ceiling" and not having anyone on staff who could sign off on my hours so I could stay with LGCS and become a BCBA are the only reasons I could not give this otherwise-exceeding-industry-standards and Minority female-owned business 5 STARS OUT OF A POSSIBLE 5 STARS!

Advice to Management----
1. ) Keep your paper-based documentation systems. My greatest annoyance as a SPED teacher was having to "virtually" sign random NPA/BIIs time records on cell phones (with unknown hygiene, eww!) multiple times because the software basically never worked right the first time. And honestly, I couldn't vouch for any of those right-handed scribbles in a court of law since I am left-handed with Palmer Method (tm) cursive writing skills.
2.) Keep the annual week-long mandatory paid trainings in summer.
3.) Find a qualified female (POC) to serve as BSBA and let them supervise those NPA/BIIs who want a career track position.

Ratings ----
Career Opportunities:1 out of 5 stars
Compensations & Benefits: 4 out of 5 stars
Culture & Values: 5 out of 5 stars
Diversity & Inclusion: 5 out of 5 stars
Senior Management: 5 out of 5 stars

MOST INSPIRING AND MOTIVATIONAL TAKE AWAY FROM TRAINING: As recently as the 1970's and 1980's, special needs children were kept in cages as an industry-wide accepted "best practice" .

WHY THIS TAKE AWAY is important: All parents of Special Education students should make plans to homeschool their children if POTUS 45 and all of his minions do not receive a lifetime ban from any public office. Look at how perilously close we are to justifying, rationalizing, and defending to the death America's new norms of separating children from their immigrant parents, keeping them in cages and treating them in ways that were long ago abandoned by cattle and pig farmers.

Work/Life Balance 5 out of 5 stars
Rate CEO Job Performance,Christine Anderson : FIVE OUT OF 5 STARS
Recommend to a friend?: YES
6 Month Business Outlook

About You
Length of Employment: 3 years
I would go back in a heartbeat if all the public and private libraries were re-opened. The "open secret" to living your best life working full-time in your vehicle as a primary residence --- America’s free public libraries. Our public libraries employed the pre-COVID19 frontline essential workers. The demands on library systems and librarians to become educators, social workers, and unlicensed psychologists are not for mere mortals, because they are notably more impossible{!} after Trump began his "GAME OF THRONES" presidency in 2016.

Westmont, CA (US)
This review of my experience at my current or former employer is truthful.
Keeping it Real:
I hope my experiences and reflections will help others make decisions about jobs and companies.

AS Chief Schoolcoach at VernonNickersonSchoolcoach, I PRACTICE THE FOLLOWING COMMUNITY GUIDELINES (unless my health and or personal safety are determined by me to be at risk)
NO Aggressive or discriminatory language
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My public and private social media posts are intended for 18 -22 year-olds-and above. Regardless of your place on the behavioral-academic spectrum: gifted-and-talented through profoundly medically fragile, WE REPRESENT THE BEST OF THE ONE, THE ONLY, AND still FUTURE race- THE HUMAN RACE!

(c) Vernon Nickerson Schoolcoach 2020


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