Public Education is no longer Public or Education. This is by design and by definition


of or concerning the people as a whole.
ordinary people in general; the community.
of or provided by the government rather than an independent, commercial company.
Latin: of the adult people

the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.
an enlightening experience.
Latin: education
Education – being respectful, informed and wise



Note well Parents of School-age children in the State of California. This is what happens when you make elected officials angry and they stop trying to do the harder work of collaboration and building consensus. They could have used the CA State referendum process. But the harsh truth is, too many folks would be sick, dying or nearly dead -- and these folks wouldn’t be able to get treatment for non-COVID issues at their convenience. Now that the wealthy and powerful are getting your full attention, I would suggest the following:
1.) Any CA legislation be tied only to fully FDA approved drugs.
2.) Any "vaccination loopholes" be closed for 100% of the adults. Otherwise, parents will continue to send their priceless progeny into classrooms and onto campuses with vaccine-exempted teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, and administrators.

3.)Compel all of their respective UNIONS to share the "closed loopholes". Why should adults continue to have the freedom to be Asymptomatic Aerosol virus transmitters of COVID 19 or any other deadly viral diseases?

Meanwhile, Parents Supporting Teachers (Padres Apoyando a Maestros) and public school/ charter school hybrids, Let the Parent Pop-Up visits commence! Every day for every school. If everything and everyone is operating efficiently, you can reduce the frequency of your compliance/ oversite visits. This suggestion is in direct response to a nationwide pivot to lowering pedagogic standards by allowing substitutes with Bachelors degrees and ( hopefully?) the ability to pass a Federal level criminal background check(maybe?) to spend the day and some hours beyond-the-bell (?) with your children.

The High School students went back, saw how chaotic* things were--- and in many metropolitan districts-- walked out of the buildings to save their own lives. Let's understand all children have genius- its our role , if we choose to accept/ embrace it to at least listen carefully when they respond to adults' best efforts(?) . In the Los Angeles metroplex, there are already high school campuses on "temporary" lockdowns.

The USA, as a nation, is exhausted from too much unhelpful politicization of what could have been successfully managed if the USA had made its University-teaching-medical center infrastructure immediately available to every resident back in March of 2020. But hands too tightly gripping to generational wealth, dominant-culture power and privilege made that essential pivot impossible. The current Federal leadership could still invoke emergency powers.

Instead, we are allowing POTUS46 to pledge the military resources of the USA to return-to-wars(!!!???!!!???) against economic peers(?) in Eastern Europe and Mainland China. Lest anyone forget, in an oxymoronic plot twist, the USA is following the UK Brexit playbook, even as we watch what is happening as Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, Scotland, and Wales begin to uncouple themselves from an "Empire" where essentially a spoiled brat raised expressly to BE a spoiled brat loudly proclaims his divine right to behave badly in public on the UK public's dime.

"AND NOW WE RETURN YOU BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING." - possible end cap borrowed from "The Outer Limits", a particularly frightening sci-fi drama because the horror was always derived from everyday life. Fascinating.

Have a thoroughly, thrilling, THURSDAY, USA, USA!

*( where chaotic now equals unacceptable levels OF risk of COVID transmission)

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