Origins Matter in 2024.

Q: Who Sent Elise Stefanik to the US Senate?

A: An overwhelmingly Eurocentric Settler Colonialist/ Monarchist electorate* sent Mrs. Stefanik-Manda to Congress. Is Stefanik-Manda really the brightest and best that her Northeast New York State electorate and Harvard University have to offer? She definitely and demonstrably is against freedom of speech and or freedom of association. She is a quintessential woman-who-does-not-play-well with anyone who disagrees with Conservative-Ride-or-die-Fascist ideologies. Note well she is said to have believed these ideologies since she was 14 years of age.

She clearly has no discernable demonstrated teaching abilities. Stefanik-Manda is not a competent or effective educator. Conversely, she is a master of the ad hominem argument. She looks and sounds UN - comfort-able. Why she appears never to have pursued a career as a prosecutor is a mystery to me. Until we acknowledge that her chosen career path– Uber-Conservative-arrogant-combativeLogCabin Grand OLD PARTY rock-ribbed Republican–
pays much better and provides her ego an international ULTRA-right-wing-Conservative audience. Finally, and most importantly in 2024, all of her public speech leaves absolutely no doubt in any sentient homo sapiens mind that Mrs. Elise Stefanik-Manda, US Senator from the State of New York, DOES NOT WANT A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL OF ITS’ RESIDENTS.



Vernon Nickerson TCHR-of-im(perfect)/perfectHRMNYS

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