IN 1973, at the age of 24, Tony Evans was contacted by a radio show producer from Houston (KHCB)*. This man had contacted Dallas Theological Seminary, where Tony was a junior in the Th.M. program, asking for great preaching content to put on his program for free. One of Tony’s professors recommended him. Thus began the public broadcasting of Dr. Tony Evans. Recorded in a tiny studio on the seminary campus, Tony spent the next few years faithfully preaching into a microphone for a crowd unseen in Houston.

@SandyEdwards: Fifty years ago then college undergraduate Anthony Tyrone Evans was given a nationwide broadcast platform for his sermons. Fifty years ago Rev. Dr. Anthony Tyrone Evans became what we today would label “a popular influencer with a national audience”. In the intervening half century, his platform has had and continues to have global outreach. These three verifiable facts alone serve to underline and highlight why anything serious enough to compel him to describe as ‘a willful separation from the unconditional love ( and forgiveness ) of Jesus Christ’ (ie, sin), the same Jesus of Nazareth whom he would claim as his (and the world’s) Savior, must be completely and candidly revealed by Rev. Dr. Anthony Tyrone Evans.

Fairly or unfairly, Dr. Evan’s audience freely has trusted and relied upon his…



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