100 Lives Lost, A Town Destroyed, Millions in Damages in Tulsa’s Black Wall Street : All " Because" of False Accusations of A Sex Act

In 1921 as in 2021 another century has passed America still hemorrhaging blood and bodies due to systemic racism, ignorance and hatred. From the metaphorical progression spectrum of sound- piercing- through- darkness to form

Everything is still the same, and, like a Night in Tunisia, the Memories Linger On.

1921 to 2021: In between, Octavia E. Butler pens apocalyptic fantasy that is being played out with deadly accuracy 100 years later. Sadly, her stories are powerfully prescient in 2021. Is this yet another case of cultural appropriation for the intentional benefit of white families' generational wealth and bloodlust?

With at least one mass shooting daily putting ALL LIVES at risk of the death of the innocent, a Self- fulfilling prophecy of biblical proportions is being produced - Strictly Color Reduction, a Redux of America's First and Second Extinction - Level Events: Thr Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The multiple metaphors in the title of the horror mega- hits GET OUT! and THEM! are roaring back. In 2021, they are leaving a nationwide "Trail of Tears".

America begins it's own race-and-economy- based Descent into Madness and Darkness. Calls for massive mental hygiene and trauma-informed care implementation go unanswered.
Tragically, the " typical White Americans-addicted-to-eugenics and it's handmaiden, fascist Nazi dreams of world dominance have greased the skids for a nation to practice the violence begets violence begets violence metaphor.

The hits just keep on coming: WHY Covid19 and the post- COVID19 violence increase are just the latest examples of a 1000- year reign of boom-and- bust cycles in global Capitalist Economies.

A nation mourns, neglecting to demand that it's Biblical Studies professors tell America exactly where it allegedly fits in the pre-millenial and or post- millennial self-fulfilling prophecies. The ugly truth: a minimum of 530 different translations of the Bible have no mention of a nation remotely resembling the USA winning a race war or surviving in any way shape or form as a White Supremacist Dictatorship.
The Book of Revelation is specifically silent on America over it's apparently finite lifespan.
Meanwhile, the diversity rainbow 🌈 that is specifically mentioned is the very thing currently being slaughtered worldwide.

It is as if The Holy Bible is, in point of fact, a book of, by, and for a White Supremacist Agenda.
Wow! This one insight makes perfect sense out of a trail of economic disaster for the majority of stressed-out families even as a wealthy minority never stopped traveling, partying, and recreating like it's still 1999.

A series of headlines illustrate AMERICA'S Final Extinction: The Final Outcome Fulfilled as documented in the BOOK OF REVELATIONS. This is why a vast majority of religious leaders really have refused to publicly endorse Rev. Dr. William J. Barber and the ( new?!) Poor People's Campaign

Don't Take my word for it. Please, I implore you DO NOT ACCEPT ANYONES claims without first mastering the historical record. The case for historical forensic research of Global event timelines

To understand how we got here: read all about it. Reading is still fundamental. Libraries can save Democratic Republics like the USA
NOTE well and start reading again, America!
An open letter to America’s First Family of Library and Reading Advocacy, led by Laura Bush. Let’s not forget Barbara Bush reading aloud to young children. This was followed by her Daughter - in- law, a professional librarian, writing and then books accessible to young readers. Let’s also remember SCOTUS Sonia Maria Sotomayor is a childrens' book author.

It's time for American Free Public Libraries to bust down the Covid19 closet of ignorance! From sounds to letters to words to sentences to paragraphs to pages to books, is literally a spiral spectrum from darkness to light. We must bring back a time when we TRUSTED this Spectrum, implicitly.

If our brains always, only, and ever want the best for us, why are we always only and ever killing and or traumatizing our brains? Life DEMANDS our bodies, minds, and souls get healthy -- wholistically.Consequently, universal whole-body preventive medicine, free for all, is the only way brains, and the people they were given to, will survive and begin to heal.

Does America Understand it was safer, it's weather calmer, and it's air cleaner for all of it's inhabitants during the COVID 19 lockdown than it is today, Monday May 30, 2021? This is why we face a crossroads.

Either we have a series of lockdowns and run headlong into chaos and neo-fascism or we embrace lockdowns to heal a sick and decaying nation, from the inside out. Why we needed a Pandemic produced for our entertainment to show us why unconditional love, unconditional positive regard and The Golden Rule still matter and need to drive public policy.

The Bible " predicts" and or precedes the death of those who don't willingly participate in murder, mayhem, chaos, grief, loss, and endless wars.vs Our brains which repudiate death and all the aforementioned so- called infallible Biblical Truths, are being killed in massive genocidal events on a daily basis. Why are we so loathe to use what was meant for evil as a means to manifest life for anyone?

My brain has been screaming Live! Love! Laugh! Together we are stronger, and a host of positive life-affirming messages in the mad dash to insanity we are being told is continuing non-stop. What is humanity's problem/ evil motive force? Capitalism
PS: During lockdown, we were finally forced to hear this universal cry for help from each and every living brain!




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Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.