Russian Freedom Versus UNFREEDOM for or with ANYONE ELSE

Russians are free because they have always been free. The problem has always been about what Russians have done with freedom because they are free. So far in history, violent conflict, fear, anxiety, terroristic promises made and kept, have consistently been the intentional and planned consequences, or side effects, of Russians exercising their freedoms. Note well they kill each other without hesitation or impugnity. Their rage is seemingly unlimited, as indicated by their leadership's talent for being cruel. It is, consequently, M.A.D. to think they would hesitate to destroy the entire planet.

CODA 1 ( replace 'RUSSIA' with 'USA'*)

What has always bothered me once I came to know and experience how connected all human beings on planet earth have always been and continue to be, is how accepting and silent the world is in response to the existential threat of Russia having broken and leaking nuclear reactors and nuclear ballistic missiles while exercising their freedoms. Once their poor choices and unsafe and or deadly outcomes are documented, the time to stop those choosers and their choices immediately follows. My reasoning is simple: your choices have never allowed you to thrive as a nation, stop what you are doing now. Take stock by asking yourselves: What would freedom look like if Russia worked FOR 100% OF ITS CURRENT RESIDENTS? What if all resources were allocated among all residents based upon verifiable need? What if collaboration, committment through consensus and common cause, and community-building saved lifes? Since we are ALL ON PLANET EARTH AND HAVE NO OTHER PLACE THAT IS HOSPITABLE THAT WE CAN LIVE ON right now, today, why not stop fighting and choose peaceful co-existence?

I do not wish to wipe any human being, animal, or other living things, no matter how small ( or BIG) off of the face of the Earth. I do not at all agree with or support the idea that violence and maltreatment up to and including murder or other forms of annihilation are necessary for life on Earth. For those who consider God, A Higher Power, etc. Why would any Creator want violence and maltreatment up to and including murder or other forms of annihilation for their Creation created in lovingkindness and in recognition of human beings made to and for human relations? Why live with risk of nuclear holocaust? Why not eliminate all risk of nuclear holocaust?

Let's explore some common metaphors around parenting children and or managing a classroom of individually talented students.
1.) Acknowledge the priceless genius status of everyone in the classroom. 2.) Be motivated, inspired, and committed to the fact that everyone present has an expectation that mutual learning objectives, needs, and or desires will be met.
3.) Violence, bullying, shaming, fear mongering, destructive criticism, meaness, pettiness, vindictiveness, sarcasm, cynicism blaming, gaslighting, denial, lying, teasing, punitive mindset & or praxis/practice of being punitive, have no place in classrooms except as instructional aides and or cautionary tales.

Note well how relentlessly all the aforementioned traits are seen daily as Russia and the rest of the known world move in freedom and with impugnity around Planet Earth. Why not take the time to do the opposite of the things we have always done that have never manifested a daily life that works for all of Earth's inhabitants?

Take the time to listen, and demonstrate engagement with what is being said.
Be respectful, no swearing.
Bring a childlike curiousity to the table
Take the best care of yourself.
Agree to accept the idea that we are always stronger together.
If there is physical help, financial help, transportation help, or organizing help, in other words, specific help(s) you think anyone and or everyone needs and you have it or have access to provide it-- do just that.
Accept as fact that all humans are entitled to be free again together ( Be F.A.T.).
In fact, make your praxis S.A.F.E so you can be F.A.T. Stop, Assess, Facilitate, and Educate so we van be Free Again Together.

May the Free World finally become FREE TO ALL. MAY ALL THRIVE, FREELY. In fact, until we can all thrive together, we will not find another place inviting us to be free with them or vice versa. I am grateful for that piece of intelligence in the design of the multiverse.
CODA 2 (full stop)

NO ONE IN THE USA HAS EVER BEEN FREE. In order for the USA to be free, 100% of all its current residents must be free 100% of the time. The USA has yet to acknowledge the humanity of all human beings. The USA has never worked for 100% of its inhabitants. In 2022, if America is an American Experiment, the American Experiment has failed.

Yessirree, Eagle has landed and the American Experiment has failed. But failure does not have to be permanent, pervasive, persistent. It is good pedagogic practice to S.A.F.E. when 50% or more of a total cohort has failed. However, in a nod to the exponential growth and power of large systems of diverse and unique human beings, it is best to S.A.F.E. when 1% or more of a total cohort has failed. COVID 19 has shown us the danger of ignoring logarithmic growth within our global human systems.


N.B. * feel free to insert every extant individual nation here. We are only stronger together, so the repitition is a metaphor for universal INCLUSION and intended to emphasize the global ethos ( "Anyone Else") at the core of this lyrical narrative.

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



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Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.