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We see minute by minute that positive rewards for ignorance, fear-mongering, blaming, and abuse only galvanize and empower more of such behaviors that harm the perpetrators and their targets.

This post:

{Back to the Future (Part III)?

I previously mentioned that cases in the US have plateaued while the more infectious strains of the virus causing COVID-19 have grown exponentially. Be reminded: we could (should) be in a free fall of cases. We kind of were. The plateauing should be viewed as a cautionary tale.

The same thing recently happened in Europe, and now cases are surging again there.

* Italy is preparing for an Easter lockdown over these new strains.
* Paris' ICUs are filled, and they are considering a new lockdown.
* In case you didn't know, the UK (England, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales), Ireland, The Netherlands and Portugal have been on lockdown.

America, when will we learn? Why must we overreact at the first sign of positive feedback related to the efforts to defeat this virus? If we follow the lead of some states in completely reopening too soon, we will find ourselves in this same predicament. Don't allow political calculations (or spring break) cost us even more lives than it has. Mask up, social distance and get vaccinated. The future is very much still in balance.

#AskSterlingMD #KnowledgeIsHealth #HealthSelfEmpowerment}

Prompted my response:
{Personally, I deeply appreciate how rapidly the logical consequences of people making unsustainable behavioral choices appear when failure to eradicate a deadly mutating virus is at center stage of a global crisis with co- comorbidities. It reminds me of a former co- worker who had gastric bypass surgery and began " cheating" on the dietary restrictions who gained back all the weight and then some. The biggest difference: modern medicine can prolong their life and improve their chances of a long-ish life as soon as they decide to finally follow doctors orders. But with a mutating COVID-19, those of us still alive are at risk because of all who have " cheated/ chosen to reject doctors, science in pursuit of mo' money and power and...( insert your vice here).
#AmericansS.A.F., #TypicalFormerlyUsefulidiots

The Final Tweet of 2041( that no one except it's author will see):


Then, my insight is confirmed:
{Vernon, well stated. You’re spot on. }

Then, I replied:
{Jeffrey Sterling, Thank you. This is also how I cope with the pain and grief of watching my friend harm themselves and continue in ministry within one of the major Black church denominations. People much closer to my former colleague, that my understanding of the Bible tells me could at least mount an intervention, do no-such-thing. It is little wonder how constant my Blepharospasming has become in the past year. I do not want to watch such stunning long-term self-harm-while-judging-rejecting-self-and-others.

I needed the fantasy that the majority of people want to work to co-create a world that works for everyone*. Turns out the stats are only 50-50. So know I will continue to use my voices to draw attention to life- giving-sustainable actions to create the *statistical supermajority We Need! }

My conclusion for the run up to the ides of March:

Dear Social Media tribes: From A to Z, ( Agriculture to Zero- tolerance for Anarchists who seek to install POTUS45 as a Fascist Dictator), it is past time to say to all elected government representative that our Democratic Republic can only survive when it is laser-focused on becoming a nation that works for 100% of its residents. Nothing less will do. Please consider adding your voice to the 14 Policy Priorities to heal the nation. Everything we have tried to avoid a National Call for Moral Revival has not worked for anyone except everyone who has grown wealthier as COVID-19 mutates and begins a new reign of terror, death, and man-made destruction/ exploitation of natural and human resources. Even as I write, preparations are being made to result in mass acquittal's behind the 1.6.2021 terror attacks, a Texas-centric 2021 wave of Covid-19 and relief for some that Secretary Janet Yellin has gone on record as saying will evaporate due to higher prices for goods and services. We can no longer afford to reward bullying abusers, grifters, among the majority of America's elites throughout the professions and the Academy. We see minute by minute that positive rewards for ignorance, fear-mongering, blaming, and abuse only galvanize and empower more of such behaviors that harm the perpetrators and their targets.



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Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.