So, did Kanye West re-name himself to become The Son of Light, aka Son of God, in a world where DJT=GOD?

Mr. Trevor Noah made this connection on an October 20, 2021 broadcast of The Daily Show. It turns out " Ye" means so much more depending on which group of people one asks about the meaning of "ye". When my brief exploration of the origin story of "ye" was completed, it appears Mr. West's ( nee, Ye) grandiousity and unbridled ambition has implications for Global and Universal Dominance. The irony is not lost upon this writer that his name change arrived just ahead of Halloween weekend in 2021.

It is admittedly a stretch to say this, but it appears he is self-managing his self-disclosed Bi-Polar personality. May the known and unknown Universes have mercy upon us all at the dawn of our Tribulation Narratives.

I. Analogies with the triumvirate, the trifecta and the Three-In-One:

1.) It commonly represents the vowel or, like the pronunciation of ⟨e⟩ in "yes". Ye is romanized using the Latin letter E. It was derived from the Greek letter Epsilon.

2.) The name comes from Japanese moji, meaning "letter, character," and e, based on ancient Japanese ye, meaning "picture, drawing" (not "emotion").

3.) The name Ye is primarily a male name of Chinese origin that means Light.

II. Definitions from Oxford Languages





pronoun: ye

plural form of thou1.

"gather ye rosebuds, while ye may"


ye gods! — an exclamation of astonishment.


Old English gē, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gij and German ihr .




determiner: ye

pseudo-archaic term for the.

"Ye Olde Bookshoppe"


graphic variant; in late Middle English þ (see thorn) came to be written identically with y, so that the could be written ye . This spelling (usually ye) was kept as a convenient abbreviation in handwriting down to the 19th century, and in printers' types during the 15th and 16th centuries. It was never pronounced as ‘ye’ in the past, but this is the pronunciation used today.

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I assembled all these linguistic artifacts in one place on digital platforms for ease of reference when Mr. West's creative team produces its own Seminal Sacred Texts as "The Book of Ye". I also wonder what sci-fi fantasy novelist Octavia E. Butler would make of this news item.


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